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“DTU Schoolyard Melody” Unites Music Lovers

On October 21, the first performance of the “DTU Schoolyard Melody” musical event was launched at the 120 Hoang Minh Thao campus and hundreds of students joined in the lively singing in the forecourt during breaks.
K?t n?i Trái tim yêu Âm nh?c cùng “Giai di?u Sân tru?ng DTU”
The “DTU Schoolyard Melody”
This artistic event will be regularly held at all DTU campuses and recorded for broadcasting every month on dtuTV, the university information and entertainment channel.
K?t n?i Trái tim yêu Âm nh?c cùng “Giai di?u Sân tru?ng DTU”
The first show attracts many students
Students came from all over Danang to the first performance of happy and popular songs. The dtuTV crew set up an exciting sound system with electronic instruments and the youthful audience were overwhelmed with joy, as they watched their breaks become more animated than ever.
“As the organizers, we were all very happy at the warm welcome we received at the first show,” said Mr. Tran Tien. “We hope that future performances will steadily improve and help staff, lecturers and students relax.”
The “DTU Schoolyard Melody” shows are not planned just for DTU’s “Golden Voices”, to open to young music lovers from all over Danang.
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