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First DTU Ao dai Festival

From April to August, DTU organized an online photo contest for DTU female staff, lecturers and students, entitled “Ao dai Beauty through Photos” and selected the twelve best. This annual contest will become an integral part of the DTU educational program.
Say d?m tru?c L? h?i Áo dài Duy Tân L?n 1 Nam 2019
Competitors in the first DTU Ao dai Festival
The festival opened with an ao dai display by the Center for Arts and Sports, modeling the garment in different styles: the traditional ao dai, the modern ao dai and the school ao dai. The audience then watched the twelve finalists in colorful dresses, elegant and gentle, embellished with motifs and ornaments. Each ao dai was  designed according to the exact body shape of each of the Vietnamese women, highlighting the soft and graceful curves of their bodies and their confidence and professionalism in seductive and classy dresses.
The top five entered  the finals and Le Thi Anh Minh, a specialist from the Graduate School, won the special “2019 DTU Ao dai Beauty” prize, and a second prize for “Best responses”  went to student Vo Ngoc Kieu Diem.
Say d?m tru?c L? h?i Áo dài Duy Tân L?n 1 Nam 2019
Ms. Le Thi  Anh Minh.
“The DTU Ao dai Festival is a creative activity organized by the DTU Association of Intellectual Women”. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Board, said, “This reminds me of the 1960s in Hue, with the Dong Khanh schoolgirls all dressed in white ao dai, walking on a street strewn with red flame-of-the-forest flowers. The ao dai turned into the pride of the entire Vietnamese people, together with the look of the most beautiful Vietnamese women, who wore the garment to spread traditional humanist and cultural values to all countries around the world. I hope that the DTU Ao dai  Festival will help celebrate the beauty of this traditional dress and of female beauty even more.”
The prizes of the online photo contest of the first 2019 DTU Ao dai Festival went to:
Personal prizes:
- First prize: Doan Thi Ly Hoa (314 points)
- Second prize: Tran Thi Khanh Quynh (199 points)
- Third prize: Nguyen Thi Thao Nguyen (197 points)
Collective prizes:
- First prize: Faculty of Medicine (183 points)
- Second prize: Hospitality & Tourism Institute (83 points)
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