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Clever and Charming Young Man Enrolls in DTU Software Engineering

Tran Phan Quang Duc, from the home of martial arts in Binh Dinh Province, scored 26.9 in the 2019 High School Graduation Exam, with a 9.4 in Mathematics and 9 in Physics. Tran Phan Quang Duc also was the highest-scoring student from his high school in the A subject category. DTU was his first choice, and he also received a full scholarship for an On-Site Study-Abroad American degree program in Software Engineering.
Studying hard to repay parents
Since childhood, Quang Duc has displayed an exceptional aptitude for Natural Science. At the Nguyen Hong Dao High School in the Phu Cat district, he was consistently exemplary, named as a top student for several years and winning a first prize in Physics in the provincial Olympic contest in 10th grade. 
'Hot boy' d?t 26,9/30 di?m NV1 vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân ngành Công ngh? Ph?n m?m
Tran Phan Quang Duc, newly enrolled at DTU
“My parents don’t earn a lot,” Quang Duc explains. “My mother is a tailor but has little work, so our lives are always tenuous. We spend our money very sparingly because we need to set some aside to treat my sick elder brother. That is why I always remind myself that I must continue to study hard for a brighter future and be able to look after myself and my mother.
Quang Duc’s secret to success is to draw up a timetable and a study plan. In class, he listens attentively to absorb information. He is not shy to ask his teachers about things he is not certain about or does not yet understand. Back home, Duc accumulates and structures his knowledge for efficient long-term recall. He scans the internet for additional articles and searches for ways to solutions.
Quang Duc loves Informatics. “There were times when I wondered about and investigated how common computer software was programmed and which algorithms were used,” Quang Duc explains. “There’s so much still waiting to be learned but the journey to the next intellectual level is never easy. I believe that all we need is passion and effort to be successful.”
He came to DTU to realize his dream of becoming an IT Engineer
With his high grades, Quang Duc had a many choices of university. He decided however to enroll in DTU to realize his dream of becoming an IT Engineer. “At first, my family wanted me to study medicine at another university, but my dream was to work in Information Technology,” confesses Quang Duc. “I wanted to convince my family and suggested that my mother and I should go onto the internet together to carefully research DTU and see what students who already studied there had to say. Then she was convinced!”
'Hot boy' d?t 26,9/30 di?m NV1 vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân ngành Công ngh? Ph?n m?m
Quang Duc (first on left) takes part in a class Arts activities
After Duc had chosen to major in the On-Site Study-Abroad degree program, in collaboration with Troy university, he was delighted to discover that he would receive a full DTU scholarship. “This scholarship has a special meaning for my family and I,” he said. “It will encourage me to continue studying hard as a DTU student and also reduce the financial burden on my family.”
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