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An Exchange Meeting with Professor Martin Howard from University College Cork in Ireland

On April 18 and 19, the DTU Office of International Relations met with Professor Martin Howard from the University College of Cork in Ireland to discuss innovative ways of teaching foreign languages. The objective of the meeting was to explore methods of teaching English at DTU and also a future partnership with UCC, to broaden the internationalization of DTU. 
Giao luu v?i Giáo su Martin Howard d?n t? Ð?i h?c Cork (Ireland)
DTU presents a gift to Professor Howell
Professor Howell referred to his paper “Innovative methods of foreign language teaching”, pointing out key factors, including motivation, attitude, aptitude, personality and gender. He said: “Each student has a different perspective, some learn out of passion or to hone their foreign language skills, while others just want to pass exams. Such attitudes determine the success or failure of learning a language. As teachers, we must know how to awaken sudent enthusiasm to learn.”  
Professor Howell suggested that the current intensity of international integration of Vietnam into the rest of the world has been advantageous teaching foreign languages here. 
Giao luu v?i Giáo su Martin Howard d?n t? Ð?i h?c Cork (Ireland)
Professor Howell 
Professor Howell gave some further advice on learning foreign languages. He said: “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, I have many students who are afraid to do so or even dare to try. Perfection is admirable but will slow down the learning process. If you never make mistakes, you will learn nothing at all. When you make a mistake, you’ll remember it longer and you won’t make it again, which will help you learn quicker. If you have no real passion for languages, don’t try to impose traditional learning methods on yourself. Base your learning on your interests, such as watching movies with subtitles or listening to English music. This will allow you to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills. In addition, you should actively take part in extracurricular activities and meet foreigners, which will improve your self-confidence and conversational skills. Once you start enjoying it, your learning process will become more efficient.”
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