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DTU Students in Startup Training Course

DTU’s Youth Union collaborated with the Business Forum Newspaper to hold a two-day Startup Training Course on April 11 and 12. Young people with a love for startups gained lots of useful knowledge for starting a business.     
Nguyen Thanh Ngoc was in charge of the course
As a lecturer of the Business Startup Course, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ngoc, an advanced lecturer of the International Labor Organization, said: “When I was one of the judges of the Startup Contest in Danang two years ago, I realized that young people had many incredible and creative ideas. However, some students had good products but lacked the knowledge of economics and finance necessary to launch their products well. Hopefully, after this course students will have the basic startup knowledge to follow their passion”     
During the course, DTU students were taught how to conduct a personal evaluation before starting their own businesses in order to have plans and set goals. Then they would know which idea is suitable for them and how to realize it and launch it effectively.
DTU students excited in class
Many factors are needed to decide and deal with when setting up a business. For example, whether you want to start your business with partners or go it alone, what to consider when choosing the right business partners, how to hire employees, the strategies your company should consider to attract talent, how to determine your ideal customers and who potential customers are. All of these questions were enthusiastically answered by Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ngoc.
Dinh Viet Cu, a first-year student in Software Technology, said: “This course is really useful for us. Now we know how to start a business step-by-step and we have enough knowledge to give our ideas a specific orientation.”
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