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Prize-winner in National Excellent Student Contest Admitted Directly to DTU

For many years now, DTU has become the place to be for a great many applicants, including those with very high HGE scores or prizes at National Excellent Student Contests.
For its 2019 enrollment season, DTU has started accepting direct enrollment applications from national skilled student contest laureates, such as Vo Thi Thuy Trang from Nguyen Binh Khiem High School for the Gifted in Quang Nam, who will receive a full scholarship for the Marketing Administration and Planning Talented program, and Nguyen Thi Lam Anh from Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted in Danang, who will receive a full scholarship for Tourism and Hospitality Management, part of the American Degree Program in collaboration with Troy University, US.
Nguyen Thi Lam Anh: Studying at DTU to promote Danang tourism
A student at a high school for the gifted famous around Danang and even elsewhere in the country, Nguyen Thi Lam Anh has been able to set down some impressive achievements, such as a silver medal at the April 30 Traditional Olympiad of Southern Vietnam when in 10th grade, a consolation prize in geography at the national skilled student contest when in 11th grade, a third prize in geography at the national skilled student contest when in 12th grade, and skilled student titles in history–geography at her school for three years straight. 
Lam Anh d?u dàng trong tà áo dài truy?n th?ng c?a Tru?ng THPT chuyên Lê Quý Ðôn, Ðà N?ng
Lam Anh wearing the traditional ao dai dress of Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted in Danang
With such results, Lam Anh has many choices as to which university to study at. But she quickly reached a firm decision: she would go to DTU. “DTU is very familiar to me, as it is on the road I take every day to go to school,” Lam Anh reveals. “I have a great many cousins and acquaintances studying at DTU. Already when in 12th grade, I had many opportunities to learn about the university through the presentations DTU representatives gave right at my school, so I am very confident to choose DTU.”
The public–private distinction clearly still makes many people waver when being offered to study at DTU. For Lam Anh, though, this is not the case. “I’d be the one to put people at ease when they suggest that I think again where to study,” she explains. “Personally, I believe that, as it is a private school, the lecturers will know how to make their students benefit the most and pursue the most advanced programs to grow into people with comprehensive skills. My parents fully support me and they respect my decision. I feel really lucky and motivated.”
Having grown up in the sea-side city of Danang, Lam Anh really loves her city and she always wishes to introduce it to the world. When she researched DTU, she was therefore quite happy to find it has a Tourism and Hospitality Management major. “This major will help me broaden my view as a leader, understand hospitality better, and learn how best to meet customer requirements,” she says. “When I found out about the major of Tourism and Hospitality Management with American degree in Vietnam, I was astonished. What can be as good as being able to study an international program and obtaining a Troy University degree while staying in Vietnam? This is not only my dream, but also the dream of many of my friends. Only one thing is left for me to do now: study hard.”
Vo Thi Thuy Trang: Trust in DTU’s high-quality curriculums
Throughout her time at high school, Thuy Trang did her utter best and reaped a lot of sweet rewards for it: a third prize at the geography provincial skilled student contest and a bronze medal in geography at the Red River Delta Olympiad when in 11th grade, and a third prize in geography at the national skilled student contest when in 12th grade. These achievements are worthy rewards for Thuy Trang’s efforts and love for geography.
Võ Th? Thùy Trang vui tuoi, nhí nh?nh tu?i h?c trò
Vo Thi Thuy Trang
Sharing her secret to learning quickly and remembering long, and to winning this many prizes in the subject she likes, Thuy Trang explains that, “To avoid ‘forgetting faster than you study’, I usually map the basic knowledge I studied, to firmly grasp the main ideas. Under the guidance of my teachers, I furthermore learnt how to think, to reason logically, to develop main points coherently, and to use detailed documentation to get a complete answer to contest questions. In addition, being able to efficiently use an atlas and to apply practical knowledge has also helped me score points, as one’s personal knowledge allows writing answers with more depth compared to using only common knowledge found in textbooks, which everyone can know.”
Choosing to study DTU’s Marketing Administration and Planning Talented program was a personal decision that her family supports. In addition to having researched the university’s educational programs on the internet, DTU students also confirmed her that the university has become a trusted address. “I very much wanted to study Business Administration,” Thuy Trang explains, “and so, when I researched the university, I really came to believe in its educational programs and I was impressed with the achievements of its students - and especially of Nguyen Thi Thanh, who obtained 28.25/30 points at the 2015 High Graduation Exam and recently won the Women in Business Award at the Go Green in the City contest, organized by Schneider Electric. With my communication skills and with the knowledge and skills I accumulated when at high school, I will boldly challenge myself and keep strong my resolve to study Marketing Administration and Planning at DTU really well.”
For further information about Business Administration and Hospitality Management at DTU, see: The Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism  and The Faculty of Business Administration 
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