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A Meeting with Saigon Technology University Delegation

On May 21st, DTU had a work meeting with Saigon Technology University at its 3 Quang Trung campus. Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, welcomed the delegation together with representatives of the faculties, departments, and centers of his university.
Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co speaking at the welcome
“In addition to its opportunities to grow strong, DTU has met many difficulties and challenges in the long 24-year journey of its development,” said Dr Vo Thanh Hai, standing Vice - Provost of DTU, when speaking at the welcome. “However, with effective steps in collaboration with businesses and with big universities to improve education, DTU has obtained certain results in education, research, and providing students with job opportunities. Today’s meeting is really meaningful as it allows our universities to get to know each other and exchange on education and research, so as to improve lecturing and study quality.”
At the meeting, leaders of DTU faculties and departments provided the delegation of staff and lecturers from Saigon Technology University with the main lines of how the school manages its affairs, trains, researches, and enrolls. The staff and lecturers from Saigon Technology University expressed some doubts concerning collaborations with businesses, attracting talent, student enrollment, income diversification, opening new majors, computerization, which the DTU representatives answered in a sincere and open-minded way.
Staff and lecturers of the two schools exchanging and answering each other’s questions on university activities
When asked about the aspiration to enter the top 300 of Asian universities, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co answered that: “DTU’s dream of entering the top 300 of Asian universities is still full of difficulties and challenges, but we have been making progress step by small step, striving to assert our strengths according to international standards and criteria. In particular these are education quality, the current lecturer-to-student ratio, scientific research, facilities, international collaboration, and so on. With the abilities and enthusiasm of the university leaders, staff, and lecturers, we are doing our utmost to make this ‘Duy Tan Dream - Top 300 of Asian universities’ come true as early as possible.”

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