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World Association of Chefs’ Societies Participate in the 2018 International Food Tourism Forum at DTU

On March 15, Duy Tan University, in collaboration with the Danang Department of Tourism, held the 2018 International Food Tourism Forum. The president of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies and 12 renowned international chefs from Switzerland, France, South Africa, Japan, China, Spain, the Netherlands, Cook Islands, Turkey, Norway, Ecuador and Italy attended.

 Hi?p h?i Ð?u b?p Th? gi?i d?n Ðà N?ng Chia s? v? 'Du l?ch ?m th?c' 
With his presentation entitled “The Role of Food in Developing Tourism”,  Mr. Thomas Andreas Gugler, President of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies, shared valuable experience with local and international tourism businesses in developing culinary tourism.  
Some interesting talks presented by international speakers, including “Food Tourism in Singapore”, “Food and Foreign policy”, “Food, Health & Medicine” and others, proved that culinary tourism plays an important role and makes significant contributions to a country’s hospitality industry and economy. The topic “Vietnamese and foreign cuisine connection and exchange” was also discussed at the conference.

Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh, Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Tourism, said: “In recent years, culinary tourism has been a growing trend across the world in general and in Southeast Asia in particular. Food has become a significant aspect in a tourist’s experience of a destination. As for travellers, food tourism provides them with an enjoyable experience about a destination’s culture which satisfies their desire to try new things. Food-related tourism helps promoting a country's culture to the world, and turning cities into famous destinations by offering the experience of local food.”

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