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The International Conference on the Environment and Renewable Energy

On February 25th, DTU, the University of Industry in Ho Chi Minh City and the Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society jointly held the 4th  International Conference on the Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2018). 

H?i th?o qu?c t? v? Môi tru?ng và nang lu?ng tái t?o  
The delegates  
ICERE 2018, taking place from February 25th  to 27th, brought together forward-thinking academics and industry experts in the Environment and Renewable Energy. Presentation topics included: The Development and Utilization of Solar Energy, Biomass Energy and Wind Energy; Nuclear Energy Engineering; Storage Technology; Energy-saving Technology; Hydrogen and Fuel Cells; Energy Materials; Energy Chemical Engineering; Energy Security and Clean Use;  New Energy and Electric Vehicles; Energy-Efficient Lighting Products and Technologies; Green Building Materials and Energy-Saving Buildings; and Energy Equipment. 

At least twenty papers were selected for publishing in the International Proceedings of the Chemical and Biological Journal and in the International Journal of Food Engineering. 

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