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An Agreement with SEIRE on Nursing Career Orientation, Training and Employment

A second agreement was signed with the Seirei Social Welfare Community (SEIRE) on Nursing career orientation, training and employment on December 27th . Accordingly, DTU Nursing graduates who pass the qualification examination and interview by SEIRE will go to Japan to train to become kaigo fukushi shi, nursing care specialists. This is an ideal opportunity for Nursing majors at DTU and others in the Central region and nationwide to work in a developed country, increase their income and continue their education in an advanced environment, after which they can return to Vietnam to care for the elderly.
The signing ceremony 

Applicants must obtain a JLPT-N2 certificate in the Japanese language. Successful candidates will receive a full tuition loan from SEIRE, with a refund exemption for graduates who work at their hospitals and care facilities for at least 4-and-a-half years, The average annual income will be approximately 3.2 million Japanese yen, equivalent to 637 million dong.  
Mr. Pham Duc Muc, President of the Vietnam Nurses Association, said that the collaborative program was a great opportunity for Vietnamese nurses to learn their profession and skills in Japan, and an integral part of the bilateral partnership programs in community health care between Japan and Vietnam. 

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