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Dr. Doan Tranh Visits St. Ambrose University

From April 10th to 24th, Dr. Doan Tranh, a DTU lecturer of Business Administration, visited St. Ambrose University in America to learn about its study environment, how to organize classes and write research reports.  St. Ambrose is a private university located in Quad City in Iowa, with three campuses, and colleges of Business, Health Sciences and Physical Therapy.

 Chuy?n Công tác c?a TS. Ðoàn Tranh t?i Ð?i h?c St. Ambrose
Dr. Doan Tranh

During his trip, Dr. Doan Tranh shared information and experiences in teaching and management with the St. Ambrose faculty and learned about their study environment and teaching methods by observing nine classes in Microeconomics, Marketing, International Marketing and Leadership. Dr. Tranh also talked about DTU with their lecturers and students and published a report entitled “Transfer Pricing in Vietnamese FDI Companies.”  

Dr. Doan Tranh said: “DTU and St. Ambrose University have many things in common, such as the integration of a credit-based system and class management. Working with St. Ambrose University lecturers, I discovered potential for partnerships in online MBA education and short-term student exchange programs, which will help both Vietnamese and American students to experience new cultures and study environments.”

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