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Seminar on the Education and Skills Needed to become Professional IT Engineer

On March 25th, the DTU International School held a seminar about the education and skills required to become a successful IT engineer. 300 students attended to understand current trends and requirements in their field and hear about the types of career opportunities for IT graduates. Leaders of start-up companies, software project managers, information and network security professionals and data integration experts briefed the DTU students. 

 T?a dàm “Nh?ng Ki?n th?c và K? nang c?n Trang b? cho Sinh viên d? tr? thành K? su Công ngh? Thông tin gi?i” 
Speakers conveying their passion for IT to DTU students 
Guests included Ms. Vy Van Viet, Director of iViettech Training and Technology, Mr. Le Thanh Tuan, Head  of Data Integration at the Danang IT Infrastructure Development Center, Ms. Tran Dang Minh Khoa, Senior Network Security Engineer at Agribank and Mr. Nguyen Trung Quan, Director of BAP Informatics and Import-Export. The speakers conveyed their passion for Information Technology to the participants, in order to boost their self-confidence and thoroughly prepare them with the necessary information to focus on their future careers.
T?a dàm “Nh?ng Ki?n th?c và K? nang c?n Trang b? cho Sinh viên d? tr? thành K? su Công ngh? Thông tin gi?i”  

Ms.Vy Van Viet remarked that: “After 17 years of development, the software industry in Danang has reached a turnover of $67 million in exports, with 15,000 workers. 200 software companies are hiring new employees every month, demonstrating the phenomenal growth of IT here and throughout Vietnam. Graduates have wide opportunities to choose a career that matches their capabilities, as lecturers or researchers, programmers, network administrators, hardware technicians, in digital marketing, computer graphics processing, and data entry and so on. Such jobs offer salaries starting at six to eight million vnd per month and opportunities to work abroad later.”

Ms. Vy Van Viet stressed that IT is essentially a production industry, which requires engineers to create high-quality products fitting customer needs. However, most jobs require some experience, which can be a major obstacle for new graduates. “This is why IT students should assess their strengths and verify that prospective jobs require them now. You should orientate yourselves towards your future careers and learn about the skill set needed to become a true professional. You can even work part-time while studying, for added income and to gain the necessary practical experience in a real-time working environment to be eligible for full-time recruitment later on.”

The seminar provided a lively exchange between DTU students and the guests, who fully answered questions on careers, skills and job opportunities. The seminar allowed the DTU students to gain a better understanding of their future profession and orientate their studies to become skilled IT engineers in the near future.

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