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DTU Seminar on “Smart Radio & Collaborative Communication”

March 25,2012

On March 24, the DTU departments of Research & Development, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, the International School and Information Technology held a seminar...

April 9,2012

DTU Takes New Steps Into the Field of Scientific Research

May 13,2012

On May 12, faculty members of the DTU Research Center for Science and Technology (RCST) and the DTU Natural Sciences Department met to discuss a report entitled “Some issues...

June 21,2012

July 5,2012

August 7,2012

Seminar on Light-Emitting Diode Applications for Solid-State Lighting

October 14,2013

Duy Tan University held a “Light-Emitting Diode Applications for Solid-State Lighting” seminar on October 8th, to strengthen ties with local businesses. Attendees included...

Cancer Research Seminar

January 7,2015

On January the 5th, the Molecular Biology Center of the DTU Institute for Research and Development held a seminar entitled: “Researching Anti-Cancer Compounds in Vietnamese...

“Construction Work Design: Sharing some Experience with Students” Seminar

May 25,2015

In the afternoon of May 29th, DTU organized the seminar entitled “Construction Work Design: Sharing some Experience with Students”. It attracted the presence of a great many lecturers...

Seminar on Application of Sensor Systems to Construction Monitoring

June 2,2015

n the morning of June 2nd DTU held the seminar entitled “Overview of Applications of several Sensor systems in Measuring and Monitoring construction works”...