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The New Odonto-Stomatology Major at DTU

In 2018, DTU will begin offering a new Odonto-Stomatology major to meet current student and community demands.

Few of the universities offering Health Science education include an Odonto-Stomatology option. With the need for more advanced healthcare, there is currently a local shortage of dentists and oral specialists, so the quality of treatment is limited. In view of this situation, DTU will start enrolling for its major in Odonto-Stomatology in 2018, aiming to meet the study requirements of students and provide the community with many more medical professionals.

DTU currently offers the following majors in the Health Sciences:

- General Practitioner
- Bachelor of Pharmacy
- General Nursing

These majors have attracted more and more applicants with excellent high school results and the number increases each year. An opinion survey confirmed that the DTU study environment, curricula and facilities were ideal and satisfied all requirements. DTU partners with two major American universities to share programs, with the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the most comprehensive program in medicine and nursing in the US, and with the University of Pittsburgh, ranked fifth in the top 15 American universities in Health Science education and research.

DTU has also signed agreements with local hospitals,  such as the Danang C Hospital, the Danang General Hospital, the Ministry of Public Security 199 Hospital, the 17 Military Hospital Region 5, the Hue Central Hospital and the General Hospital in the highlands of northern Quang Nam, to offer practical clinical experience with a variety of patients.

 Ngành h?c m?i Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? ÐH Duy Tân
PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc presents a first prize in IT to DTU at the 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards

The DTU Odonto-Stomatology program will offer a study environment, facilities and academic materials tailored for Health Science education, staffed by experienced lecturers, including 9 specialized physicians, 34 PhDs and 28 Masters. In state-of-the-art laboratories they will employ the latest teaching methods, using the 3D Virtual Reality application that models parts of the body, developed by the DTU Center for Visualization & Simulation (CVS). This application won first prizes in the 2016 Young Intellectuals for Education Awards and the 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards. 

The 3D medical applications completed so far include 3D models of the skeleton, muscular,  nervous, digestive and circulatory systems, which visualize the interior of the human body, either in 2D form in the computer labs or on  smartphones, or in 3D in a projection studio. It will also provide views of the structure of the head and face, to accurately diagnose patients before treating them.

 Ngành h?c m?i Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? ÐH Duy Tân
DTU offers training and research programs to study directly with physicians and nurses from Germany, the US, and Israel

The Odonto-Stomatology program is designed to offer a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, about the structure, function and operation of the human chewing system, scientific methods of disease prevention and treatment, odonto-stomatologic research, the diagnosis and treatment of common odonto-stomatologic diseases, like tooth decay, periodontitis  and dental infections, dental deviation, tooth loss, cancer, congenital malformations, facial trauma and infection and the treatment of odonto-stomatologic emergencies, such as bleeding after tooth extractions, dental pulpitis, fractures of the jaw and the combined use of traditional and modern medicine to treat and prevent odonto-stomatologic issues. Because of the urgent need for odonto-stomatologic experts, graduates will have excellent job opportunities with attractive salaries, beginning at 20 million vnd per month.

In 2018, DTU awards the following scholarships to Odonto-Stomatology  applicants:

- DTU scholarships worth 1 to 5 million vnd for applicants in Odonto-Stomatology with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average three points higher than the minimal admissions grade.

- Scholarships for students from Gifted High Schools, of 5 million vnd each for the first year of study, for all applicants in Odonto-Stomatology  with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average of 18 or more.

 - Direct enrollment preferential scholarships, worth 5 million vnd in the first year, for applicants in Odonto-Stomatology who have already won consolation prizes in National Skilled Student contests or National Science and Technology contests.

Subjects for admissions:


Major code




High School Graduation Exam Grade

1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature,

3. Maths, Chemistry, Biology

4. Maths, Natural Sciences, English





For further information about Health Sciences Education at DTU, see:  The Faculty of Medicine, The Faculty of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Nursing 
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