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DTU Enrolls for Accounting and Auditing in 2018

Long after emerging as one the most popular majors, Accounting suddenly fell out of favor because many graduates were unable to find suitable jobs. However, things are now changing again, with the steady economic growth of recent years and corporate development in Vietnam, the Accounting and Auditing majors are returning to popularity. With a continuing significant number of applications, DTU is now offering valuable scholarships to enrollees.

Advantages of enrolling in Accounting and Auditing at DTU

Accounting and Auditing are vital business prerequisites, which measure success or failure. This requires prompt collection, processing and dissemination of financial information in all parts of the company. Based on this, management will be able to balance budgets and formulate tactical and strategic plans. Students should have a firm grasp of the intricate details of cost accounting, auditing, financial accounting and taxation on graduation.

ÐH Duy Tân ký k?t v?i nhi?u d?i h?c, doanh nghi?p nh?m nâng cao ch?t lu?ng dào t?o, dua sinh viên K? toán, Qu?n tr? di th?c t?p và ti?p c?n co h?i vi?c làm 
DTU collaborates with other universities and businesses
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Tuy?n sinh ngành K? toán - Ki?m toán nam 2018 

To enhance the quality of education and provide internships and career paths in Accounting and Auditing, DTU partners with renowned universities and accounting agencies, such as ACCA and CPA Australia, and Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the fifty leading American universities in economics and business administration, to offer PSU-standard courses in Vietnam in Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance & Banking. These programs provide the latest materials and are taught using international teaching methods, in conjunction with seminars and conferences with experts. On completion, students will be awarded international Completion Certificates by PSU. Graduates will be ready to work independently or in teams, gather and process data quickly and present their findings. 

Career opportunities for graduates 

Accounting and Auditing at DTU are taught by experienced lecturers trained at PSU. Professors from well-known universities are also invited to teach at DTU. The DTU lecturers then recommend students to local businesses, including the Danang Port, the Danang Rubber Company, Agribank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Vietcombank and others, to broaden internship and career opportunities. 94% have found good jobs over the past two years as a result of the new, standardized curricula, high-quality lecturers and successful business partnerships.
Graduates will work as: Auditors at Vietnamese and international auditing companies; in departments of internal auditing and control at companies and others enterprises; as Financial Consultants, bank clerks, and as experts in charge of Accounting, Auditing, banking transactions, taxation, and as treasurers and financial consultants.  

In 2018, DTU will award the following scholarships to applicants for the normal Accounting and Auditing programs and the PSU international Accounting and Auditing programs:

- DTU scholarships worth 1 to 5 million vnd  each for applicants with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average three points higher than the minimal admissions grade.

- Scholarships of 500,000 to 2 million vnd for applicants with a High School transcript of 22 or more.

- 10 scholarships of 10 million vnd each, from the University of Pennsylvania, for students of the PSU program 

- 20 DTU scholarships of 5 million vnd each for students of the PSU program. 

- Scholarships for students from Gifted High Schools, of 5 million vnd each for the first year of study, for all applicants with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average of 18 or a High School transcript score of 22 or more.
 - Direct enrollment preferential scholarships, worth 5 million vnd in the first year, for applicants who have already won consolation prizes in National Skilled Student contests or National Science and Technology contests.

Subjects for admissions:


Major code




High School Transcript

(12th-grade results)

High Graduation Exam Grade

Accounting & Auditing


PSU International-Standard

Accounting & Auditing


1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Literature, Maths, Physics,

3. Literature, Maths, Chemistry,

4. Literature, Maths, English

1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature,

3. Literature, Maths, Physics

4. Literature, Maths, English

For further information about Accounting and Auditing at DTU, see:  Major in Accounting - Auditing.

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