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The Attraction of Literature and Journalism

Journalism plays an important role in forming public opinion and providing readers with diversified views, and has become a leading DTU major in an age of information explosion. 

DTU lecturers meet playwright Hoang Nhuan Cam 

Literature and Journalism at DTU is attracting many new students with its practical education program that graduates talented and dedicated journalists and allows them to focus on their love of writing and concentrate on a career in literature, journalism, or television. 

An academically advanced program  

The Ministry of Education and Training permitted the DTU Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities to commence teaching Literature and Journalism in 2007. The credit-based program allows students to study for a second degree or to transfer to other fields, such as International Relations, Culture and Hospitality and Multimedia Communications. 

The main difference in the way Literature and Journalism is taught at DTU is in the application of the PBL (Problem-Based Learning/Project-Based Learning) method, established worldwide, which provides a firm grasp of the necessary creative mindset and fast reaction needed for reporting on the ever-increasing volume of daily events. 

Students dream to becoming journalists or of starting a career in communications, public relations and social welfare, and DTU satisfies them with advanced teaching techniques.

They learn the basics and then move on to acquire an in-depth knowledge of communications and journalistic skills, such as interview techniques, taking notes, photographs, recording, filming, reporting and public relations, and can meanwhile participate in international exchange programs.

Graduates collect and analyze information in different ways, by applying the latest methods of mass communication, by editing articles, designing and laying out publications, working to improve the quality of journalism and communication in general and sometimes going on to lecture in Journalism.

A challenging career with great potential

DTU Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has already graduated hundreds of Literature and Journalism professionals, and 95 % have been employed within six months of graduation in challenging careers with great potential.

Today, social networks allow journalists in the mass media to provide us with a clearer view of the latest developments all over the world. However, inaccurate information that cannot always be fact-checked is being spread deliberately and can also have a considerable negative impact on our lives, assets and business development. Education must be aimed at training future journalists with “a clear vision, a pure heart and a sharp pen”, with political agility and an honest ability to fully and impartially investigate a story, prior to publication. DTU’s advanced, in-depth program of Literature and Journalism has already implemented this.
S?c hút c?a ngành Van - Báo chí

In 2018, DTU will award the following scholarships to Literature and Journalism applicants:

- A 15% reduction in first-year tuition fees for the 50 students with high grades and an early application.

- DTU scholarships worth 1 to 5 million vnd for applicants with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average three points higher than the minimal admissions grade.

- Scholarships of 500,000 to 2 million vnd for applicants with a High School transcript of 22 or more.

- Scholarships for students from Gifted High Schools, of 5 million vnd each for the first year of study, for all applicants in Literature and Journalism with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average of 18 or with a High School transcript of 22 or more.
 - Direct enrollment preferential scholarships, worth 5 million vnd in the first year, for applicants in Literature and Journalism who have already won consolation prizes in National Skilled Student contests or National Science and Technology contests.

Subjects for admissions:


Major code




High School Transcript

(12th-grade results)

High School Graduation Exam Grade

Literature - Journalism 


1. Literature, History, Geography

2. Maths, Literature, English

3. Literature, History, English

4. Literature, Geography, English

1. Literature, History, Geography 

2. Literature, Maths, Social Sciences,

3. Literature, Maths, English

4. Literature, Geography, English

For further information about Literature and Journalism at DTU, see: DTU Major in Literature - Journalism 

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