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A New Chinese Language Major at DTU in 2018

An open-door policy of international cooperation, coupled with the friendliness and hospitality of the Vietnamese people, have given foreign companies the confidence to invest here.

Ngành h?c m?i Ti?ng Trung Qu?c t?i DTU nam 2018 
Business and tourism from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore has increased steadily from year to year, so teaching students Chinese will satisfy the increasing demand for professionals fluent in the language and boost the development of the economy in Danang and elsewhere, in times of growing internationalism. Many young people now want to study Chinese to find good jobs on graduation and to meet this need DTU will start enrollment for its Chinese Language major in 2018.

The expert DTU team that will teach Chinese consists of one PhD and nine Masters, all of whom are dedicated to using the latest creative teaching methods and are fluent in the language. Courses will range from basic to advanced. The HSK level 4, equivalent to a B2 in the European Framework of Reference for Languages, will guarantee proficient communication in the workplace.

In addition to acquiring knowledge of the Chinese language, students will also learn about the Chinese culture and society and be trained in communications, problem solving and teamwork. Graduates will be able to pursue further studies, rapidly adapt to any work environment, execute tasks assigned to them perfectly and become executives, manager and leaders in their field.

Graduates of Chinese will have a variety of job opportunities, as Translators, Interpreters and Editors in public or private companies, as Secretaries, Assistants and Tour Guides, in local, joint venture, or foreign companies and in areas related to foreign relations, trade, import-export, tourism with foreign partners, in businesses in Central Vietnam and in the Central Highlands.

In 2018, DTU will award the following scholarships to Chinese Language applicants:
- Scholarships of 500,000 to 2 million vnd for applicants with a High School transcript of 22 or more.
- DTU scholarships worth 1 to 5 million vnd for applicants with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average three points higher than the minimal admissions grade.
- Scholarships for students from Gifted High Schools, of 5 million vnd each for the first year of study, for all applicants in Chinese Language with a High School Graduation Exam three-course grade average of 18 or with a High School transcript of 22 or more.
- Direct enrollment preferential scholarships, worth 5 million vnd in the first year, for applicants in Chinese Language  who have already won consolation prizes in National Skilled Student contests or National Science and Technology contests.

For further information about Foreign Languages Education at DTU, see: The Faculty of Foreign Languages.
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