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ADP Students Meet with Troy University

On March 14th, DTU met with Christopher Miller, Assistant Director International Enrollment at Troy University in the US. Lecturers and students of the American Degree Program (ADP) and the On-Site Study-Abroad programs attended.

 Sinh viên Chuong trình ADP Giao luu cùng Ð?i h?c Troy  
Mr. Christopher Miller 
“DTU is the third university to sign a collaborative agreement to develop Hospitality & Hotel Management and Information Technology On-Site Study-Abroad programs with Troy University”, said Nguyen Minh Lan Anh. The programs teach general foundation subjects entirely in English for the first two years and, in the third and fourth, Troy University lecturers come to complete the course and award actual Troy University degrees.”
Sinh viên Chuong trình ADP Giao luu cùng Ð?i h?c Troy   
The DTU International School lecturers and Troy University delegates 

Mr. Christopher Miller announced scholarships covering 50% of tuition cost, worth $8,000 each. To qualify, students must have a minimum GPA score of 2.5, an IELTS score of 5.5 and proof of financial support. ADP students will be able to study at Troy University without being financially disadvantaged.
Troy University representatives addressed student concerns, such as scholarship retention conditions, the Troy programs, dormitory accommodation and job opportunities on graduation.

DTU signed an agreement with Troy University in August 2017. Troy University is a public university founded in 1887 in Troy, Alabama in the USA. The university is generally considered one of the top five in Alabama and the Princeton Review ranked it among the best in the Southeast. Troy is recognized for its studies in Hospitality Management and the Arts and has four campuses in Alabama, sixty others in 17 US states and 11 abroad, including Vietnam and in Malaysia.

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