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DTU at Community Cultural Space Exhibit

In the afternoon of April 25, 2015, the Danang Tourism Promotion Center held the opening ceremony of the Community Cultural Space at its Tran Hung Dao venue (at the head of Dragon Bridge). This activity is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Vietnamese reunification and of the Danang International Fireworks Competition 2015. At the Community Cultural Space, the DTU stand impressed visitors with the unique style of its drinks stand designed as a Hawaiian beach, its food stand in rural Vietnamese style, lively folk games, and 30 photographs that had been unveiled at the first Annual Photography Exhibition around the topic “Go See Do Da Nang”. The program continues until May 3, 2015.
DTU students performing as bartenders
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Nguyen Xuan Binh, Director of the Danang Tourism Promotion Center, said: “The Community Cultural Space had been designed with open spaces to let residents and visitors from everywhere meet each other and have exchanges, to enjoy the art shows and local foodstuffs, and to participate in folk games. He gave special thanks to DTU, to Non Nuoc Stone Handicraft, and to many other businesses participating with the unique booths that allowed people to have fun and do shopping.”
DTU has created many interesting spots for the visitors of the Community Cultural Space. At the drinks stand, visitors can taste drinks DTU students mix and serve with virtuosity as they perform spectacular acts as juggling bartenders. The food stand attracts guests with its design as a quiet village restaurant, familiarly built of straw, bamboo, and leaves, with chili grinder, water jar, a banana tree bearing fruit... The rows of bamboo tables are the rendez-vous point for visitors who want to enjoy dishes like che, brochettes, or fried banana. From April 27 to May 19, it will be possible to see students demonstrate tree pruning here.
Food court with design based on Vietnamese rural architecture 
At another corner, guests can immerse themselves in folk games, laughing in delight at games that will require their adroitness, such as walking on stilts, throwing darts, Chinese chess, Western Chess, see a conjurer, or patiently pose for the portrait drawing DTU students organize. All along the cultural space are 30 photographs that had been unveiled at the first Annual Photography Exhibition around the topic “Go See Do Da Nang” on the afternoon of March 29, 2015, at the Danang Souvenirs venue at 34 Bach Dang, Danang, organized jointly by the Danang Tourism Promotion Center and DTU. A great many pictures by professional and amateur photographers record daily life and the exciting rhythm and flow of the lives of the people of coastal Danang. Among them, DTU staff members and students contributed with many impressive works such as “Smile” by Tran Thi Thanh Huyen and “Danang Cloudscape” by Nguyen Khoa Bao.
Mr. Nguyen Cong Minh, Dean of the DTU Faculty of Tourism Operations & Hospitality Management, said: “Bringing these unique cultural corners with the essence of Vietnam’s coastal and rural areas, the students of the DTU Faculty of Tourism want their visitors to relax with them in their love for the homeland, to have this space with them and be at ease while getting to know more about life, to exchange interesting facts about daily life. Our participation in the event with rather different stands shows the creativity and sensitivity of DTU students in an open space. It is an opportunity for the Faculty of Tourism students to come into contact with the practical side of their knowledge and to apply it in the reality of their profession, to get an orientation in their studies and for their work in the future.”
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