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DTU Sets Record at Private Football Competition with 2 Gold Cups

After over a week of heated competition, the third Danang Private University and College Mini-Football in 2015 came to an impressive end with two Gold Cups falling to the two teams of DTU - staff and lecturers, and students.
The DTU teams posing for a picture at the Closing Ceremony
Determined to secure the Gold Cup, the DTU staff and lecturers attacked the goal of their Duc Tri College most of the time of the match. The spectators had their breaths taken away many times with spectacular passes and tense goal-scoring shots, and they went wild with joy at an aggregate score of 2-0 for the DTU team.
And then there was the ferocious encounter between DTU and Dong A University for the student team Gold Cup. In keeping with their fair play and the “polished” tactics and technique they already displayed during the qualifying rounds, DTU students treated the onlookers to a spectacular, intense match full of showmanship. In spite getting past their adversaries’ defensive formation only with great difficulty, their ingenious control of the ball, their harmonious coordination, and their accurate passes brought the DTU team a final score of 2-1 against Dong A University.
The DTU student team received a Gold Cup and a Souvenir Flag at the Closing Ceremony
With two Gold Cups, DTU staff and lecturers, and students set a record at the third Danang Private University and College Mini-Football in 2015. Having asserted their talent and strength on the pitch, the DTU teams will certainly continue their exploits in future seasons.
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