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DTU takes part in Cutural Festival Day

Cutural Festival Day was an annual activity, held at Phan Chau Trinh High School from January 9th to 10th. Many universities and oversea study companies in Danang city took part in this event. DTU’s booths received much attention of many pupils, parents, and teachers.
 Many pupils get to know about the admission information and oversea study at DTU

At DTU’s booths, visitors could enjoy many products and technology researched and developed by DTU such as the Gyro application for controlling robots, self-balanced robots, the Kinect game, a smart motorbike parking model, and a system of stoping motobikes at the wrong line. Besides, they were very surprised to see vivid portrait sketches and calligraphy of students from the DTU Faculty of Architecture.

DTU’s booths also helped pupils and parents understand more about the newest admission information in 2015. DTU could attract the attention of parents and pupils due to many achievements leading to strong recognition in the community as well as diversified academic programs, especially advanced and oversea study programs partnering with many well-known universities in the U.S and the U.K.

DTU students make portrait sketches for pupils
Mr. Dang Ngoc Trung, Director of DTU’s Admission and Media Center, said: “In 2015, DTU will enroll students in some new programs such as economic law and the degree program of Upper Iowa (America) at Duy Tan University. For the first class of the Upper Iowa program in 2015, students will get a 50% reduction of tuition fee for 4 years. Students scoring 22 points in the national entrance exam will have the opportunity to receive partial and full scholarships. Besides, DTU has many other scholarship programs for students to encourage them to try to learn more and more.”

(Media Center)