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Exciting Activities for 20th Anniversary of University

In the evening of November 11, 2014, thousands of DTU students from all Faculties gathered at the K7/25 Quang Trung campus, to take part in a special “music party” and various activities of the closing program for the 20th Anniversary of Duy Tan University, which took place from November 2nd to 11th, 2014.

Dancing for the Finals of the “DTU Khuc ca xanh” art contest
The “Duy Tan Khuc ca xanh” art contest created a boisterous and refreshing atmosphere, and drew emotion with beautiful voices singing songs celebrating their love for the motherland. There was tenderness with songs about school, teachers, and friends; there were lively dances beautifully choreographed, and strong rock songs turning the contest “hotter” than ever. The students Flash Mob contest also left an impression with energetic and youthful dances by DTU students.
In another contest named “I am a DTU student”, the students could show their talent and creativity through the contests Student greeting, Rhetoric, and Student talent. Thirteen teams from the university’s thirteen faculties magnificently presented their departments, through work songs, rhymes, opera, and so on. They also displayed some of their talents, such as singing, dancing, martial arts, or stage magic. The Rhetoric section in particular revealed the DTU students’thoughts, dreams, and aspirations when facing many societal issues around their homeland’s sea and islands, traffic culture, social evils, studying, and scientific research.
Enthusiastically participating in the DTU-organized contests, student Nguyen Huu Dan (class K19 YDH5) says, “Outside our time of diligent study in the classroom, DTU organizes numerous contests and extracurricular activities, which are always attractive to the students. These activities are very useful in developing our self-confidence and dynamism, to practice our skills and, not least, to strengthen the sense of solidarity among students of the university.”

The Organizing Committee awarded Certificates of Merit to Youth Unions
At the November 11th Finals night, the Organizing Committee reviewed the activities and awarded many outstanding collectives and individuals. Among these, the “Duy Tan Khúc ca xanh” art contest awarded one First, one Second, and one Third general prize, and seven shared prizes in each category A and B. The “I am a DTU student” contest awarded one First, one Second, and one Third general prize, one general Encouragement prize, as well as one First and one Second prize in the Rhetoric section, one First prize in the Talent section, one in the Student greeting section, and one Fan prize. The Flash Mob contest awarded one First, one Second, and one Third prize. At the Youth Work Movement, one First, one Second, one Third, and two Encouragement Prizes could be won.
Not only teaching students and union members about the traditions of the university through its 20 years of development, the activities for the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of DTU and for the occasion of the Youth Union-organized Vietnamese Teachers’ day facilitated cohesion, interchanges, and exchange of study experience as well as new friendships between university students.
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