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DTU advances to the Semi finals of the VUG

With a high scores in their match against the College of Education team, DTU secured the second place in the group and advanced to the semi - finals of the Vietnam University Games (VUG), which were played at the Military Zone 5 Stadium in Danang city on March the 20th.

DTU team (in red) at the Stadium
With their fine tactics, DTU played very well and scored the first goal in the first few minutes. College of Education fought back and scored a goal. The spectators had their breaths taken away many times with spectacular passes and tense goal-scoring shots. DTU continued to play well and were ahead 5-1 at the end of the first half.

 The match between DTU (in red) and the College of Education

In keeping with their reputation, DTU treated the onlookers to a spectacular, intense match full of showmanship in the second half. The cheering and applause from their fans inspired the DTU team to play harder, with very accurate passing. DTU finally defeated College of Education 8 - 3 and went on to the semi-finals.
The Vietnam University Games (VUG) enables teams from colleges and universities throughout Vietnam to compete annually, from January to June. This year, the games were held for the first time in Danang and eight teams from colleges and universities in the city participated. The winner of the regional round will advance to the national finals, to be held in Ho Chi Minh city.
Now champions of the Huda Cup two years in a row, in 2013 and 2014, and with a Gold Cup in the Third Danang Private University and College Mini-Football tournament in 2015, DTU will certainly continue to play aggressively in their upcoming matches.

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