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Graduation Ceremony for Nursing Students of Linking program

On April 19th, DTU held a Graduation Ceremony for T18 Nursing students of Linking program. Attendees included Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, Faculty Deans, Center Directors, and seventy fresh graduates and their parents.
 Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co speaks at the event
Speaking at the event, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co congratulated the fresh graduates on their achievements and said: “After two years studying hard at DTU, your achievements are not only what you have learned but also the experience you have gained for your future careers. Hopefully, you all will pass your aspiration for knowledge to the next generations. We are planning to construct a building of eighteen storeys at 03 Quang Trung Street to provide students with the most advanced studying and researching environment. I sincerely advise you to make every efforts in your career to bring happiness to the community.”
 Associate Pro. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice Provost awards certificates to fresh graduates
Mr. Nguyen Thoi, Head of DTU Office for Student Affairs, gave a summary report of the course and announced the decision by the DTU Provosts to grant certificates to 70 students, of whom 12 received excellent grade, 56 good and 2 fair. Students who gained highest scores and had best research theme were also given awards by DTU.
Fresh graduate Cao Thi Van of T18 YDD said: “We have gained a lot of useful knowledge for my future job thanks to the dedication of DTU faculty and the modern facilities at DTU. We deeply understand about the value of the career we have chosen.  We will try our best to improve the quality of health care for people.”
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