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DTU meets with the Nguyen Khuyen High School from Quang Nam Province

In order to strengthen DTU’s relationship with high schools in Quang Nam and Danang, DTU met with the Nguyen Khuyen High School on March 27th, in order to familiarize students with the learning environment and programs at Duy Tan University.
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, gives awards to the Nguyen Khuyen High School
Mr. Pham Van Son, Secretary of the high school said: “We would like to say thank-you to DTU for welcoming our lecturers and students. DTU is known as a high-quality university with modern facilities and a dynamic learning environment. Consequently, this meeting is an excellent opportunity for students, especially from Grade 12, to get to know more about DTU and choose a suitable study program to make their dreams come true.”

Exciting musical performances, folk-dancing and activities were enjoyed by both the DTU and Nguyen Khuyen students.  

DTU and Nguyen Khuyen students at the event
Mr. Nguyen Tat Thang, former Director of the Quang Nam Department of Education and Vice-Director of the DTU Research and Development center said: “A meeting between a university and a high school is really a meaningful activity to help students focus on a suitable future career by collecting useful and vital information. By organizing a field trip to a university from a high school proves that our Youth union has innovated ways of energizing their members. Judged by the prestige and quality of the programs at DTU, especially the programs which partner with famous international universities, and by the high quality of its lecturers, DTU is a really credible institution to select to broaden students’ knowledge and make the dreams come true.”

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