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Seminar on Effective Strategy for Studying English

Speaking English fluently will bring many benefits to students at university and in their future jobs as Vietnam becomes more globalized. Finding ways to study English effectively has become a major concern. On April 10th, Professor Richard McGarry, from the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture at Appalachian State University, visited DTU and discussed strategies for studying English, the international language, with students.
Professor McGarry speaks at the seminar

Professor McGarry talked about the four Ps strategy to improve English quickly and effectively, Pronounce, Practice, Perform and Persuade. For each P, he provided several examples. He advised students to practice speaking English for at least two hours a day, try to communicate with native speakers as often as possible, read English books and practice writing short passages in English.

DTU students at the seminar  
Professor McGarry said: “This is the first time I’ve visited DTU and Danang is a beautiful city. I would like to thank DTU for your warm welcome and the opportunity you gave me to hold this seminar. DTU students asked many good questions and I was impressed by their English. Once you have exploited every way of improving your English, you will have more opportunity to pursue a successful career on graduation.”

By adopting more effective learning techniques during their studies, DTU students will become more self-confident about their future.

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