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DTU Launches the “2015 IDEERS Competition”

Duy Tan University announced that the 2015 IDEERS project will be to introduce and demonstrate earthquake engineering research to high-school students in the Central Region. The objective is to inspire and motivate local students to conduct their own research projects and provide them an opportunity to take part in major competitions. Participants will be able to share the experiences of the DTU IDEERS champions who took top honors in the 2014 competition and be selected to compete in 2015 Asian IDEERS in Taiwan.
The 2014 IDEERS Scoreboard and the DTU Team

High-schools are allowed to send two teams to the competition, submitting one model each. Students can register in groups of 3 to 5. Groups will then start constructing their model houses, test and complete them for display by April 26th, 2015. Materials can include MD wood, glue and glue guns. Acceptable house models must withstand a load level of 600 gal. DTU lecturers will provide instruction in the technological and structural aspects, as needed.
 The 2014 DTU IDEERS Champions
DTU has done remarkably well in the IDEERS competition for many years now. In the 14th competition in Taiwan in September 2014, 101 teams of high-school, undergraduate and post-graduate students participated from 10 countries in Asia-Pacific, including Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. The DTU IDEERS team outperformed many strong teams in the undergraduate category, with a score of 139, 14 points ahead of the Taiwanese runners-up. This was DTU’s first major win, after placing seventh in 2012 and third in 2013.
Awards are 5 million vnd for first prize, 3 million for second, 2 million for third, with an additional prize of half-a-million for houses withstanding a load level of 600 gal. The registration deadline is on April 10th.

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