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Emotional Homage to Teachers Ceremony at Faculty of Nursing

Songs about beloved teachers, friends, and university brought cheer, and stalls with unique dishes and games uniting teachers and students created an immensely boisterous and refreshing atmosphere at the “Homage to Teachers” ceremony organized by the DTU Faculty of Nursing at the 3.5 hectare campus, Lien Chieu district, Danang on November 18, 2014. The program was a spiritual and meaningful gift the Nursing students offered their beloved teachers in most heartfelt and profound gratitude at the occasion of the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.  
  Dancing for the Cultural Performance at the ceremony
Leaving the first impression at the ceremony were the food stalls of the Faculty Youth Union. Each of them had its own style offering a rich variety of dishes, from haute cuisine to “peasant food”, but with the students’ own touch. “We will always remember what we owe our teachers, who day and night peddle the boat of our knowledge, bringing us to the land that is our future. Today we want to invite them to enjoy the dishes we prepared for them. Though simple and clumsy, they contain all the love we put into them. I wish all teachers happiness and health to continue giving generations of students interesting and meaningful lessons,” says Nguyen Dinh Khanh Dan, student of class K18 YDD.
The ceremony became even more cheerful and animated with meticulously prepared special performances. There were songs and dances singing the praise of love for the homeland the mother country, paying homage to parents and teachers, and much more. In particular, class K19 YCD2’s performance “Teacher” drew many emotions, speaking about the silent but noble sacrifice of teachers and giving a meaningful message about their profession, bringing cheer and laughter with unforgettable student mischief.
MD Nguyen Huynh Ngoc, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, handing out awards for the most outstanding performances at the ceremony
Receiving so much love from the students, Mrs Tran Thi Nga, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, was moved.“Thank you for giving us such a happy and meaningful day” she said. “For educators there is no happiness like standing at the pulpit, imparting knowledge and skills, and following up each class of students’ steps towards maturity and success. Your love is really the most valuable gift for us, and it is our motivation to unwaveringly continue on our path to 'cultivate the people'”
Like for previous Homage to Teachers ceremonies, the Faculty of Nursing held a writing competition about teachers and university. These are activities of practical significance for the Faculty of Nursing students for the celebration of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.
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