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DTU Students Gain Financial Knowledge

On March 13th, the DTU International School hosted a seminar entitled: “Executive Compensation Portfolio Sensitivities and The Cost of Equity Capital”. Attendees included Associate Professor. Cameron Truong from Monash University, Australia, Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School, DTU faculty, staff and students from the PSU program.

Associate Professor Truong addresses the seminar
Associate Professor Truong explained the significant increase in the use of stocks and options in executive compensation over the past few decades. He also provided interesting information on recent studies that show how executive compensation affects management, risk-taking, its impact on the company performance and the sensitivity of stock and option compensation portfolio values to company stock prices. He highlighted the connection between executive compensation portfolio deltas with Vegas and Ex-antes in the current Vietnamese stock market.
The seminar attracts many DTU students of from the International School

“Vietnam has become an attractive market for domestic and foreign investors, creating better career opportunities for the local workforce. The banking and financial institutions are developing day-by -day to satisfy recent new requirements. Finance and Banking students will therefore have more chance to benefit from these advancements in their future careers”, he said.

Le Thi Xuan Tu, a student of the K16 PSU QNH2 class added: “This was such an informative and useful seminar. Now I understand more about Financial Management and Investment Finance. A better understanding of corporate operations will help us to avoid making mistakes when we analyze and prepare our own financial reports.”

The seminar provided DTU students with a deeper understanding of current developments and enhances the quality of their education at DTU. 

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