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DTU and SP Students Launch Environmental Protection Projects

On March 10th, a delegation from the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) arrived at DTU to conduct several environmental protection projects with DTU students. The activity was part of Learning Express, initiated by Singapore Polytechnic in 2011, with the participation of Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore. The five-week field trip around industrial parks and villages in Vietnam will be a great opportunity for DTU and SP students to learn, gain hands-on experience, exchange ideas and cultures and improve their awareness of community development.

SP students visit the DTU Robot research lab

Twenty students and some faculty members of SP and DTU will implement three collaborative projects, involving pollution treatment and environmental protection. These include the production of biodiesel fuel from waste cooking oil, the development of high productivity systems for shrimp farming, using automatic water quality control and the production of green, unbaked brick.

Students will study the production of the biodiesel fuel from the waste cooking oil of local restaurants. The shrimp farming project will be carried out at the Truong Dinh Shrimp Farm in Danang. In the production of green, un-burnt brick, students will use coconut shells, rice husks and cement to produce brick.
 SP and DTU students at the South Hoa Khanh campus, in the Lien Chieu district

As a member of the shrimp farming project, Nguyen Cong Duc, said: "Because of food contamination and epidemic diseases, farmers are greatly concerned about releasing waste water. So the students will study how to breed microorganisms that consume shrimp waste and they themselves become actual shrimp food. This will enhance our studies and research in the DTU Faculty of Pharmacology and Environmental Engineering."
SP students took a tour of the DTU campus and labs. Wei Quan, a student at Singapore Polytechnic, said: “It is our pleasure to conduct environmental protection projects with DTU. The DTU facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art and I am deeply impressed by the quality of the DTU faculty and students. The trip was highly enjoyable and helped to learn more about the Vietnamese culture.”

DTU frequently sends its students abroad for field study and welcomes international students to DTU to conduct joint projects. This creates an interesting study and research environment, which steadily enhances the quality of education at DTU.
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