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More Job Opportunities at F-Soft Danang for DTU CMU Students

For students to learn more about career opportunities, the DTU International School held a meeting entitled: “Job opportunities at F-Soft Danang for DTU Students of CMU program” on December 14th. Attendees included Mr. Tran Thanh Hung, the Production Director of Strategic Software at F-Soft Danang, Mr. Vo Van Luong, Head of the CMU program, and many DTU CMU lecturers and students.

Mr. Hung began by presenting an overview of F-Soft Danang and F-Soft Vietnam. F-Soft is one of the leading software companies in the world. The company has become a long-term partner of such international corporations as IBM, HP, Dell and Google. With its global customer network, F-Soft is highly regarded for its reputation for high quality products and services.
 Mr. Tran Thanh Hung delivers a speech
With its slogan: “Always be the top job choice of young people in the Central Region”, F-Soft Danang has provided IT students some excellent opportunities to develop their careers. Mr. Hung said: ”DTU students are well-qualified enough to meet all the recruitment requirements of big companies. Many DTU alumni are currently holding positions of major importance at F-Soft Danang. In addition to their strong business skills, they are proficient in computer programming and English. They always show a sense of responsibility for their jobs and are the stars of our company.”
 CMU program students question F-Soft Danang
In addition to sharing his work experience and advice with the students, Mr. Hung answered questions related to Network Security, Information Systems and so on. F-Soft then offered several internships and career opportunities to DTU students. 

Ho Thi Ha Tien, a student of K17 - CMU TCD, said: “The meeting helped us to understand more about our future careers, establish clear career objectives and improve our professional skills. It was also an opportunity for us to consider suitable jobs on graduation.”

CMU is one of DTU’s advanced international IT programs. One hundred percent of DTU CMU graduates find jobs within six months because their qualifications and professional skills are highly valued by local businesses. This results from the sustained efforts in creating international academic collaboration and business partnerships over the past, with the intention of providing students the best career options.
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