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Opening Meeting of the DTU Tourism Faculty’s “Danang Student Tourism Organization”

The opening meeting of the “Danang Student Tourism Organization-DSTO" was held on December 8th. The organization aims to create an environment for students to practice what they have learned, to share their knowledge and to research career opportunities. Attendees included Mr. Nguyen Cong Minh, Dean of Tourism, lecturers and students.

At the opening meeting Ms. Doris Gallan stated: “I am happy to be a consultant to the DSTO. This is a convenient way for students to practice, share information and get some work experience. As their consultant, I will work with the Tourism lecturers to develop interesting and practical programs to attract students and make them excited to be a part of the DSTO.”
Ms. Doris Gallan addresses the opening meeting

By participating in the DSTO, students can apply what they learned to real activities, go on field trips to companies and take part in events like Receptionist and Tour Guide competitions and a Food Festival. In addition, they will have chance to listen to tourism experts share ideas and participate in cultural exchange events with international tourists and students through DTU student exchange program.

At the meeting, there was an exchange of ideas with the Hoi An Free Tour Company who are well-known for their high quality by international tourists. In the future, they will work together with the DSTO to operate international tours in Danang and Hoi An.
Students at the opening meeting of the DSTO

The Chairman of the DSTO, Nguyen Bao Khuyen, of the K17PSU DLK class said: “By participating in the DSTO, students will learn the job skills required in restaurants and hotels and develop their English, research and other skills. Members of the organization will be able to look for jobs independently, design tour schedules and work as tour guides for both international and Vietnamese tourists. The organization will also hold several charitable activities to make students more aware of their responsibilities to the local community during our development stage.”

The founding of the DSTO met the expectations of the tourism students. Nguyen Thi Bich Thao, of K17 PSU DCD2, said: “The DSTO is actually a very useful environment for us to practice in. We will have the opportunity to visit tourism companies, improve our knowledge and gain experience, which will make us more confident and professional in our future careers.”

With a many stimulating activities, the DSTO will help students develop the capabilities to meet their needs for graduation and their future careers.

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