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Opening Ceremony of 2013 ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contest

The opening ceremony of 38th ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contest was attended by fifteen teams from eleven Asian countries at DTU on November 28th. The Vietnamese team was ready to compete for higher awards in the field of informatics.
Mr. Pham Kim Son delivers a speech at the opening ceremony
The ACM/ICPC contest was first held in the United States in 1970 and has drawn in thousands of the best informatics students worldwide. This year fifteen teams from eleven Asian countries, including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia will compete with 111 teams from fifty Vietnamese universities, colleges and institutes. The best teams in each regional contest will qualify to compete in the global finals in St. Petersburg, Russia. 
Many teams attend the opening ceremony
At the event, Mr. Pham Kim Son, the Director of the Department of Information and Communications in Danang said: “People all over the world now recognize Danang as a dynamic city and a leader in Information Technology applications. Danang is building an electronic government infrastructure; it’s a “smart city” that now attracts tourists from everywhere. Danang’s strategy is to develop new industries based on a strong foundation of leading-edge, diverse, IT applications. We highly appreciate the collaborative spirit of DTU and the other organizers of this important contest. I believe that this competition will give IT students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and improve their IT knowledge, in order to ultimately satisfy the urgent need for a highly-skilled workforce locally, across Vietnam and abroad.”

On behalf of Duy Tan University, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost, welcomed the Asian teams taking part in the contest and gave some advice to the Vietnamese students. He said: “I have participated in many contests worldwide, including a nationwide informatics contest when I was in high school.  Being in the field of education, I often seek out the best Vietnamese competitors and recognize the success of major prize-winners.  I know that Vietnamese students are very talented and confident in all contests and have won many big prizes. However, Vietnam is still a developing country where technology facilities may not really be as modern as in other countries. As a result, Vietnamese students may be disadvantaged and may gradually become discouraged at these important contests. As Vietnam becomes globally integrated, new opportunities will present themselves for Vietnamese students to win and remain passionate about their careers. The ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contest gives students the opportunity to test their abilities and commit themselves to winning significant prizes.”

During the past six years participating in the ACM/ICPC National preliminaries, Vietnam has always reached the final rounds of the Asian competition. Hopefully, DTU and other Vietnamese students will prove their competitive skills by entering the final round of seventeen teams representing Asia in the ACM/ ICPC Finals in St. Petersburg, Russia in June, 2014.
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