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The First Anniversary of the Founding of the DTU Faculty of Pharmacology

The DTU Faculty of Pharmacology celebrated its first anniversary on December 14th. Attendees included Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost and lecturers and students of Pharmacology.

Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc delivers a speech
Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc said: “Thanks to the DTU Management Board and the support of other faculties, the DTU Pharmacy Faculty has reaped significant rewards during its first year. With modern facilities, highly-qualified lecturers and hard-working students, we hope to make more progress next year to boost the development of local health-care.”
The Pharmacy Faculty has quickly become one of the key faculties at DTU and achieved early success. Research is being conducted by the faculty with the hope of producing more health improvement products such as Ngoc Linh Angelia Ginseng, Ha Thu O Instant Tea and so on.

 A musical performance by the pharmacology faculty

Doctor To Muoi, Director of the North Quang Nam General Hospital said: “Pharmacy plays an important role in health-care today, contributing to the acceleration of the development of the local socio-economy. As the pharmaceutical distribution system is steadily expanding, more job opportunities will be available for pharmacy students. Currently there are not enough highly-qualified pharmacists to meet increasing needs nationwide. So the DTU Pharmacy Faculty was founded to provide our community with a supply of highly qualified pharmacists.”

Do Nguyen Khoi, a student of K18 YDH1, added: “We are proud to be pharmacy students and delighted to study at DTU, with access to modern laboratories and equipment. All our enthusiastic teachers encourage us to experiment. We are confident that we can become dedicated pharmacists after graduation.”

With sustained effort and determination, the DTU Faculty of Pharmacology has definitely become a reliable provider of qualified pharmacists, contributing to the general development of our local socio-economy, particularly to community health-care services.

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