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Meeting K19 students

DTU held meetings with K19 students from December 10th to 30th to announce their results for the first semester and to develop plans for the second. Attendees included representatives of Board of Provosts, Deans of the DTU faculties, Directors of DTU Centers and K19 students.

In the meetings, Deans of Faculties assessed the results of K19 students in the first semester.  Students had studied hard and observed DTU’s regulations. Students usually study in the classroom or library and enthusiastically take part in activities on Academic Forum and Faculties’ Facebook. They have become accustomed to working together closely, which is quite different from the learning methods in high schools.

Mr. Truong Tien Vu - Dean of the DTU IT Faculty answers students’ questions 
The plans of The DTU faculties for the second semester were developed at the meetings. Representatives of the Board of Provosts and Deans of Faculties expect K19 students to register for research projects in the future, in order to gain more practical knowledge and skills. Class lecturers and staff were reminded to enter the class codes and schedules for registering for credits on the faculty websites. Students who forget their passwords, have problems registering for credits or need a new account on the MyDTU website will be assisted by the DTU CSE Center. 
A lot of K19 students attend the meeting  

At the event, K19 students shared their advantages, disadvantages in semester I and wished to be cared more in semester II. Students’ questions about necessary procedures to get prioritizing policies for special students, requirements of changing exam schedule, the minimum and maximum number of credits needed to register in a semester were thoroughly answered by staff and lecturers.

Tang Ho Khanh Linh, of K19ADH, said: “These meetings are necessary for all freshmen. We have the opportunity to explain our expectations and meet the leaders of DTU, lecturers and staff in each faculty. As freshmen, we are still shy and unconfident about taking part in DTU activities. But now we understand more about DTU, about our rights and responsibilities so that we can focus on studying, set targets for ourselves and do better.”

During the past nineteen years of construction development, Duy Tan University has always tried its best to improve the benefits of students and help them find better jobs. In the future, DTU will continue to supply a highly-qualified workforce to boost the development of Vietnam.
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