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DTU Students Reach the Finals of the 2014 VMAC Contest

The practical and new idea of HEPTM (Handling Electronic Parking Tickets Machine) by DTU’s CEE - R&P team bypassed 58 teams from other companies, universities and colleges nationwide to reach the final fourteen to qualify for the finals of the 2014 VMAC (Vietnam Microcontroller Application Contest), which will take place from February 26th  to July 2014.   
The Opening Ceremony of 2014 VMAC finals

The HEPTM machine invented by DTU students is considered one of the most original and practical entries in the 2014 contest. The HEPTM is small, so it is very convenient for motorbike guards to use in any conditions, indoors or out, without internet access. Each customer requiring parking will be issued an NFC card from the HEPTM. The NFC card is secure and convenient and will significantly reduce the quantity of waste paper and help create a cleaner environment in our city.
The 2014 VMAC finals take place from February 26th to July, 2014. Currently, DTU’s CEE - R&P team has finished training for its presentation and has been briefed on technical issues by the organizers. DTU students will try hard for high achievement in the finals.
Officially launched on January 9th, 2014, the first VMAC contest, sponsored by the Ho Chi Minh Department of Science and Technology, the Ho Chi Minh Board Industrial Chip Development Program and the Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) of HCM National University, has attracted the attention of people interested in chip technology nationwide. The purpose of the contest is to develop applications and features for the SG-8V1, the first industrial Vietnamese chip. Organizations throughout the country will steadily improve and implement new versions for a wide variety of practical uses.      
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