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A Seminar on Sheet Material Folding Machines

A seminar on Sheet Material Folding Machines and Autonomous Robotic Systems for high-efficiency non-destructive bridge deck inspections was held at DTU on January 6th. Attendees included Professor Basily from Rutgers University, Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU-Vice Provost, DTU lecturers and staff. 
Professor Basily presents his research
Professor Basily presented the two latest technologies being researched and effectively used at Rutgers University. Based on the concepts of the Origami art form of paper folding and the beehive construction technique, used in making material for aircraft manufacturing, researchers at Rutgers University have invented innovative sheet metal folding machines. Sheet metal folding machines are used in many fields, including the production of light items for interior decoration, solar energy heating panels, plastic barrels and so on. Autonomous robotic systems for high-efficiency non-destructive bridge deck inspections are another important invention of Rutgers University. Using GPR and GPS technology, robots provide feedback on the quality of concrete of bridges and roads and identify the areas for repair, saving time and ensuring better safety.

The workshop attracted many DTU lecturers and staff

Professor Basily said: “I am deeply impressed by DTU’s robots and materials manufacturing. Our bilateral cooperation will create research opportunities and ways to put these new technologies into practice.”

The DTU-TITAN team won the prize for the best hand-controlled robot prize and the best automatic robot prize was awarded to the DTU-POLLUX team in the finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest. These achievements affirmed the progress made in robot manufacturing at DTU. The collaboration with Rutgers University provides a new opportunity to help perfect the DTU Robocon robots for national and international competitions.

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