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Orientation Seminar on Environmental Research and Solutions

On September 27th, DTU held an orientation seminar on Environmental Research and Solutions. Attendees included Associate Professor. Sato Takafumi from Utsunomiya University in Japan and lecturers and students from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

Associate Professor. Takafumi presents at the seminar
Associate Professor. Takafumi talked about some environmental research projects he’s involved in and the production of raw materials and fuel. He also proposed some solutions to environmental pollution treatment. These included a supercritical method of separating hydrogen from organic compounds to convert them to environment-friendly, the heating dioxins in the soil at high temperatures to render them harmless and the treatment and recycling daily waste.  
Many DTU lecturers and students attended the seminar  

Mr. Phan Trung Hieu, a lecturer in the Environmental Engineering Faculty said:"The seminar provided students with a general overview of environmental issues so that they can select and conduct realistic research topics. As a result of this workshop, they have learnt much useful information which will benefit their future studies and careers.”

“I am doing research on supercritical methods. During this seminar, I have learnt how to do research, about the nature of reactions and some phenomena which occur during the process. I particularly found his experiences doing research extremely useful for the research I’m doing.” said Tran Ba Dung, a K15KMT student.

Environmental pollution has become critical and applied research solutions are more vital than ever. DTU students will be able to apply the information to their studies and research for a better living environment in Vietnam.

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