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DTU Reap High Rewards at the Creative Festival for Education

The Danang Union of Science and Technology held a Creative Festival for the Danang Education & Training Sector. The event was organized in collaboration with the Education and Training Department, Danang University and the Danang Youth Association, at the Phan Chau Trinh Senior High School on October 13th.  Participating were fifteen local teams from high schools and the Youth Creative Club, featuring a large number of booths which showcased creative educational products and handmade teaching tools.

DTU booth won the second prize and the “Automatic Vietnamese Document Digitalization Management System”, designed by Dr. Le Trung Hieu of DTU Center for Research and Development, came third.

 A large number of pupils visit the DTU booth
The DTU booth received much attention. On display were seven innovative products which gained high awards in recent national and international competitions. These included a project by Dang Xuan Nam that won First-place Award in the National Loa Thanh Tournament, a project entitled “A Low-cost Do-It-Yourself Water- Filtering System for Farmers”, by Vo Truong Hoang Linh and Nguyen The Quynh Nhi, which won First-place Award and CDIO Cup in the 2013 CDIO Academy held at MIT and Harvard University in the USA, a project to design an earthquake-resistant house, modeled by the DTU Construction Engineering faculty, which won the third-prize in Taiwan at the “Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools” in 2013, and finally, a display of the robots used in the 2013 Vietnam Robocon.

Earthquake-resistant house models

Dr. Le Trung Hieu said: “This inspiring event encourages students to conduct their own research by recognizing those researchers who have invented some useful products in our lives. The DTU products and initiatives were highly ranked at the Festival, which motivates us all to continue promoting the importance of research in education in Vietnam today.”

The Automatic Vietnamese Document Digitalization Management System won third-prize thanks to its innovative software. The product allows the automatic digitalization of documents by identifying the Vietnamese language, then separating and indexing it. It improves the ability to process Vietnamese document automatically. The system can be applied in business and state agencies to reduce costs and increase management efficiency.

Nguyen Ha Huyen (from the 11th form of the Phan Chau Trinh Senior High School) said: “I have researched information on DTU and admire it for winning many valuable international awards. I like two of DTU’s products, namely the “Low-cost Do-It-Yourself Water-Filtering System for Farmers” and the “Smart Recycle Bin”. DTU students have designed highly-useful products. I am thinking about enrolling at DTU after my graduation from high school”.

The event aims to promote research and creative skills in local schools. It is an excellent environment for students to learn and exchange their experiences in science and technology in their training to become the scientists of the future.

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