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Seminar on Light-Emitting Diode Applications for Solid-State Lighting

Duy Tan University held a “Light-Emitting Diode Applications for Solid-State Lighting” seminar on October 8th, to strengthen ties with local businesses. Attendees included Associate Professor. Pham Hong Duong, of the Materials Science Institute at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Dr. Ha Dac Binh, of the DTU Center for Research and Development, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, DTU staff and faculty.
 Associate Professor Huong addresses the Seminar
Associate Professor Duong introduced applications of LED solid state lighting technology and discussed its benefits. LED is very environment-friendly and is considered the main future source of lighting, replacing traditional products, such as fluorescent and compact lamps. The advantage of LED lighting is that it increases the lifetime of a lamp up to 150-200 lm/w or 100,000 hours. It saves energy, protects the eyes and has no dangerous mercury content. He also talked about the semiconductor materials involved and the advantages and disadvantages of the solution of making white lights, and mentioned new applications, such as direction signs and other displays

Associate Professor Duong gave participants LED bulbs with a daylight color and some LED chips and lasers to be used in research at DTU. He said: “LED solid state lighting is a revolution in artificial lighting technology. I know that DTU has been researching LED applications in the field of advertising and has achieved good results by installing LED advertising billboards, although the research is still in its early stages. Hopefully, DTU will expand this research and we will be happy to cooperate in the future.”

LED solid state lighting technology is efficient and economical. Further research will boost the development of advanced, state-of-the-art lighting technology.

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