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College of Medicine & Pharmacy Party Branch Admission Ceremony for Outstanding People

On the morning of January 20, 2024, the DTU College of Medicine & Pharmacy (CMP) held a ceremony to admit six outstanding people into the Party. The ceremony was attended by important guests: Danang City Party Standing Committee member and Hai Chau district Party Committee Secretary Tran Thang Loi; Meritorious Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co, Party Executive Committee Secretary and DTU Chairman; Party Committee member and Chief of Office Le Cong Kinh; CMP Party Committee Deputy Secretary Nguyen Cong Kinh; Deputy Secretary Nguyen Tuan Kiet in charge of the Youth Union; and other Party branch members.
The new Party members taking the oath in front of the tribune
The people who were admitted into the Party are exemplary students with outstanding achievements in studies, training, and other activities. Their names are:
? Huynh Nhu Ngoc,
? Tran Khanh Ngan,
? Dao Minh Nhat,
? Tran Thi Phuong,
? Hoang Gia Khanh,
? and Tran Ngoc Thanh Doan.
Besides giving outstanding students recognition for their contributions, admitting them into the Party is important to ensure the sustainable development of the DTU Party branch.
Invitees and the newly admitted Party members of the CMP at the ceremony
During the ceremony, the CMP Party Branch assigned Party members their duties and authority and the branch its tasks, and appointed Party members to assist the probationary members. The people just admitted will go through a twelve-month probationary period starting immediately. During this period, they will participate in classes for new Party members provided by the Hai Chau district Committee, engage in Party activities, pay Party dues as per regulations, and continuously work on maintaining their political ideology, morals, and personal integrity, while continually improving their capacity for study and work. Furthermore, the probationary Party members must be resolute in their work and ensure their words match their deeds in everything they do.
The Party admission ceremony at the College of Medicine & Pharmacy marked an important step in the development and growth of the Party at DTU. Admitting exemplary students into the Party motivates development of personal ethics and allows students to contribute to nation-building efforts and demonstrate their commitment and responsibility towards Party and society.
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