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Reorganization of DTU Union Agenda to Address Current Requirements

On June 10, the 9th DTU Union Congress was held, to plan for the period from 2023 to 2028. City Confederation of Labor Vice-Chairman Le Van Dai recommended that the university Union Executive Committee reorganizes its mission to incorporate current educational trends and become more actively involved in university research projects. 
Vice-Chairman Dai explained that, for the Union to operate more effectively, it must improve the  protection of the rights and interests of university staff, lecturers and other employees. In particular, revised policies must be implemented to improve worker incomes.
Furthermore, the Union should review and redefine its activities; commensurate with the university’s mission; launch programs to enhance the quality of personnel; introduce outstanding Union members for admission to the Party membership; and comprehensively broaden and strengthen the Union  in general. The Congress began by electing 15 new members.
Ch? d?ng d?i m?i t? ch?c ho?t d?ng Công doàn phù h?p tình hình m?i
The 9th DTU Union Executive Committee   Photo: Trung Hung
The DTU Union performance report for 2017-2023, confirmed that the resolutions of the 8th Union Congress had been fulfilled, and contributed to the successful execution of the political mission of university and the sector during that time period. 
At the Congress, the Union worked with the university Board of Provosts to implement new policies that focus on improving the quality of both the material and spiritual lives of DTU personnel and the university contributed 600 million VND to the city Gratitude Fund by holding several social, charitable and humanitarian events. Previously, during the pandemic, DTU employees remained steadfast, inspired by the determination, hard work and dedication of their trustworthy leaders, and timely encouragement from the Union
The new 2023-2028 Union motto is: “Innovation, Democracy, Solidarity, Development”, and the Union is determined to continue to renew its organization and agenda. The objective is to work closely with the university Board of Provosts to develop a qualified and professional team which addresses the requirements of the university’s development and international integration strategies.
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