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Psychology & Mental Health Counseling for Union Members & Students: Identifying and Coping with Stress

On November 25, the Danang Youth Union cooperated with the Danang Social Work Center to hold a workshop entitled: “Psychology & Mental Health Counseling: Identifying and Coping with Stress”. Good health is vitally important, especially to the younger generation. As they grow up, they encounter many psychological and emotional changes and challenges in their study and living conditions. Workshop attendees included representatives of the Danang Social Work Center; the DTU Board of Provosts; Union and Association cadre; and DTU students.
Tu v?n S?c kh?e Tâm lý, Tâm th?n - Nh?n di?n và ?ng phó v?i Cang th?ng cho Ðoàn viên, Sinh viên
Le Thi Lam speaks at the workshop
Psychological and mental health must be balanced between the body and the outside environment and Union members and students should aim for a healthy, relaxed and positive psychological state. The speakers presented practical examples, delved deeply into students’ spiritual lives, explained signs related to emotions, cognition, and behavior, and spoke about psychological therapies that can help students think positively and overcome the crises of youth.
 T?a dàm Tu v?n tâm lý, tâm th?n - Nh?n di?n và ?ng phó v?i cang th?ng cho cán b? Chi doàn Thanh niên
DTU Union cadre and students have a discussion with a speaker
DTU Union members and students spoke about the problems they face in life and were willing to listen to expert advice. They learned about methods to avoid the consequences of tiredness and negativity which affect their studies and spiritual lives. The workshop proved to be highly beneficial and the positive guidance presented will encourage them to become more optimistic. They will learn how to apply the necessary skills for achieve better lives for themselves and society in general, and also assist in the development of the evolving university culture in these times of change.
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