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DTU Student Wins Third Prize at the 2023 National Student Stock Arena Contest

After two intensive rounds of competition, from May 15 to June 15, with thousands of contestants from various Vietnamese universities and colleges, Nguyen Thanh Thang, a Financial Investment student from the DTU Faculty of Economics & Finance won third prize. 
The event was organized by the Vietstock company, in collaboration with the Vietnam Association of Financial Executives (VAFE); the HCMC Student Union; and the HCMC Student Assistance Center (SAC). Contestants participated in an online stock investment simulation, based on the principles of the HOSE, HNX, and UPCoM exchanges, where students could invest like real stock traders.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Ba Cu?c thi Ð?u tru?ng Ch?ng khoán Sinh viên Toàn qu?c 2023
Nguyen Thanh Thang
The 2023 National Student Stock Arena Competition
Prizes were valued at 200 million VND and the contest consisted of two rounds:
- In the first round, students practiced direct securities investment on a simulated stock platform for one month. The forty students with the highest net worth, who did not violate the rules of the game or any other contest regulations, won the first round and continued.
- The second round was called the ‘Securities Expert Arena,’ where the leading competitors matched their knowledge of stock analysis and investment. The round was held online for 60 minutes, with fifty multiple-choice questions, testing their stock analysis and investment skills.
Thang explains: “When in training for the Viet Stock Arena, I conducted detailed research, including a basic understanding of the Vietnamese stock market; securities investment analysis; share trading regulations; transaction management; financial statements; and valuation indicators. At first, I was extremely disoriented and lacked self-confidence, because I wasn’t used to calculating, analyzing, evaluating and predicting. I was lucky, because I knew very little but received terrific support from my lecturers at the DTU School of Economics.
They taught me about the real-world market and, as I slowly gained experience, I learned from my mistakes and proceeded to create an appropriate personal investment strategy.”
Through his studies in the DTU Faculty of Economics & Finance, Thang learned about economics, finance and investment, together with an in-depth knowledge of operations; financial markets; financial technology; and modern financial risk management; with a supplementary knowledge of the appropriate laws. Using a simulated stock platform, the students become acquainted with the real-world environment, corrected their own mistakes early on, and practiced intensely well before entering the online corporate environment.
Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, a lecturer in Banking & Finance, from the DTU Faculty of Economics & Finance, said: “Thang is a very determined and diligent young man. Even though he’s only in his first year, he requested his lecturers in the Faculty of Business Administration permission to study in-depth financial investment courses for second and third-year students, after completing his normal classes. Tang is hard-working, asks many questions and listens intently to the answers. Taking part in 2023 Viet Stock Arena competition will be a valuable experience for Thang and his colleagues, because it teaches them how to apply what they’ve already learned, develop practical skills, and display their dynamism, energy, flexibility and understanding of the financial and securities markets.”
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