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Six Vietnamese Universities Listed in THE’s Asia University Rankings 2023

On June 22nd Times Higher Education (THE) released the 11th edition of its Asia University Rankings of 669 higher education institutions, up from 616 in 2022. Six Vietnamese universities are now included, compared with five last year. Hue University has made its debut this year with a ranking of 600+. Japan again remains the most-represented nation this year, with 117 institutions.
Six Vietnamese universities were ranked as follows: 
1. Ton Duc Thang University # 86,
2. Duy Tan University # 106,
3. Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi # 351-400,
4. Hanoi University of Science and Technology # 501-600,
4. Vietnam National University, HCMC # 501-600,
6. Hue University # 600+.
The national rankings of Vietnamese universities remained almost unchanged. Of the six universities listed, Ton Duc Thang University remained its first position, closely followed by Duy Tan University and the VNU in Hanoi. The Hanoi University of Science & Technology and the VNU, Ho Chi Minh City were in the same range while Hue University wwas ranked for the first time at sixth. 
6 d?i h?c Vi?t Nam trên B?ng X?p h?ng các Ð?i h?c T?t nh?t châu Á (theo THE 2023)
Six Vietnamese universities are listed in THE’s 2023 Asia University Rankings
The rankings confirm that, by sustained efforts, Vietnamese universities are gradually making improvements in educational standards, international accreditation, parrtnerships and research.
Times Higher Education’s Asia University Rankings use the same 13 performance indicators the publication uses for its World University Rankings, although weightings were recalibrated to reflect the priorities of Asian institutions.  The performance indicators are grouped into five areas: 
- Research (volume, income and reputation), accounting for 30%
- Teaching (learning environment), accounting for 25% 
- Citations (research influence), accounting for 30%
- International outlook, (of staff, students and studies), accounting for 7.5%
- Industry income (knowledge transfer), accounting for 7.5%
Indicator Highlights: 
- Ton Duc Thang University scored the highest points in Research, at 19.6, up from 16.6 in 2022. 
- DTU maintained its strength in Citations with a perfect score of 100. The National University in Hanoi scored 45.9 in Citations, up from 41.5 in 2022. 
- The Hanoi University of Science & Technology retained its score in Industry Income, at 43.5 while the VNU in Hanoi scored 38.9, up from 36.6 in 2022.
- Ton Duc Thang University maintained its strength in International Outlook, but showed a sharp decrease, down from 62.6 in 2022 to 58.4 in 2023. All Vietnamese universities showed decline in International Outlook.
- VNU in Hanoi maintained its position in Teaching, at 21.7; while DTU achieved an increase of 1.2 points in Teaching compared with 2022.
Tsinghua University and Peking University in China take the first and second positions in Asia for the fourth year in a row. A total of four mainland Chinese universities appear in the top 10, compared with three last year. Hong Kong follows with the next highest representation in the top 10, with three universities, leading wwith the Chinese University of Hong Kong moving up one place to sixth, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology climbing two places to seventh. The University of Hong Kong remains in fourth.
The Top 5 universities in Asia have all retained their positions since 2021, but with Seoul National University, (Korea) dropping out of the Top 10.
Asia's top 10 universities by Times Higher Education 2023
1. Tsinghua University, China
2. Peking University, China
3. National University of Singapore
4. University of Hong Kong
5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
6. Chinese University of Hong Kong
7.The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
8. The University of Tokyo, Japan
=9. Fudan University
=9. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
In Southeast Asia, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ranked in Top 5. Malaysia has the most ranked universities, at 22; Thailand and Indonesia each had 18; Viet Nam 6; the Philippines 4; Singapore 2; Brunei and Cambodia each had 1.
Times Higher Education (THE) and the QS Ranking and Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) have been the most widely respected international systems since 2004.  
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