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DTU Construction Student Receives 100 Million VND Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” Scholarship

Cao Tran Phi Vy, from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the DTU School of Engineering & Technology (SET), was one of only three students nationwide to win a Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” scholarship, although the Hoa Binh Corporation allocates twenty scholarships to qualified Vietnamese Construction students annually.
The three qualified students nationwide receive Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” scholarships
In 2022, Hoa Binh Construction launched a new special scholarship program, named the Hoa Binh “Blue Compass Award”, with the motto “Opening New Horizons”. The scholarship was intended to be awarded to the top twenty students entering their fourth year in Construction studies at universities nationwide, who met specific, stringent criteria. The individual 100 million VND scholarships were granted to encourage recipients to study hard, and as a way of identifying and recruiting potential young talent. Over the past 35 years, Hoa Binh Construction has made many significant contributions to the industry, and their buildings can be found in 49 provinces and cities in Vietnam, and in Malaysia and Myanmar.
Cao Tran Phi Vy (second from right) receives a Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” scholarship
Candidates must satisfy rigorous requirements, before selection and then again at the end of their tenure:
- Maintain an average of 7.5 points (on a 10-point scale) or higher, or a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale) or higher, from selection time until final graduation
- A TOEIC score (2 skills) ≥ 600, or the IELTS equivalent of ≥ 5.0, or TOEFL IBT ≥ 64 at selection time
- A TOEIC score (2 skills) ≥ 700, or the IELTS equivalent of ≥ 5.5, or TOEFL IBT ≥ 79 on graduation
- Winners of research prizes at the Ministerial or school level prior to selection
- Participant in extracurricular activities, teamworking and volunteer work prior to selection
The scholarship is divided into three parts, at the selection time and again on graduation, including:
- Profile reviews
- Aptitude tests
- Essay submission and interviews by the Hoa Binh board 
Only three Vietnamese students met these criteria in the first round, although Hoa Binh had previously announced that twenty Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” scholarships would be awarded annually. Winners were:
- Cao Tran Phi Vy, from DTU
- Truong Anh Quan, from the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
- Ngo Nhat, from the HCMC University of Technology
DTU student Phi Vy made a strong and convincing submission and won a “Blue Compass” scholarship. He is in his fourth year of in Civil & Industrial Construction, is always one of the leading students in his faculty, meets all the demanding criteria, works hard, is creative and always determined to do his best to realize his dreams, regardless of the difficulties.
Sinh viên Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân nh?n H?c b?ng Hòa Bình Blue Compass có giá tr? 100 tri?u d?ng
Cao Tran Phi Vy on a construction site
With a GPA of 3.65 and a total TOEIC score of 900/990, Vy breezed through the profile review round and, in the second round, his  IQ, EQ, presentation and English language skills were assessed. In the third round, he was required to write an essay and be interviewed by Mr. Le Viet Hai, Chairman of the Board and General Director of Hoa Binh Construction, and discuss his career aspirations.
A dream job at a big corporation comes true
Vy’s dream of becoming a professional Civil Engineer and contributing his strengths to major national building projects will soon be realized with the help of his scholarship. On graduation, he will begin working at Hoa Binh unconditionally for three years.
“I’m extremely delighted and honored to receive a Hoa Binh ‘Blue Compass’ scholarship,” said Vy. “I will study diligently as I work my way towards my future career goals. Thanks go to my lecturers from the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering for teaching me the basic requirements and special skills, which will allow me to find a job that fully meets my expectations on graduation.”
“There’s a sentence in the book The Alchemist that I really like, which says, if you desperately want something, the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it. If you truly believe that one day you’ll succeed, then you will, but you must truly believe it can happen. However, faith alone is not enough. I must work hard every day because it’s vital to persevere and work unceasingly to achieve our objectives.”
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