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VNUR Ranking of Top 100 Vietnamese Universities

Vietnam University Rankings (VNUR) has just ranked the top one hundred universities nationwide. One hundred and ninety-one universities qualified, with Vietnam National University in Hanoi topping the list and Vietnam National University in HCMC coming second.
L?n d?u Vi?t Nam công b? b?ng x?p h?ng các tru?ng d?i h?c trong nu?c
Vietnam National University in Hanoi   Photo: Nguyen Khanh
Several of the older Vietnamese universities are ranked higher than the newer ones
The current VNUR rankings are based on the latest national and international higher education standards. The top 10 comprise Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Vietnam National University in HCMC, Ton Duc Thang University, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Duy Tan University, the University of Economics in HCMC, Can Tho University, the Hanoi National University of Education, the University of Danang and Hue University, and two relatively new institutions, Ton Duc Thang University (public) and Duy Tan University (private). In total, the average age of the top 100 universities is 34 years, but the top third of those average 48 years, the middle third 30 years and the bottom third 23 years.
However, a few younger universities are also highly ranked, including Thu Dau Mot University (founded 13 years ago and ranked 15th), Hanoi Metropolitan University (8 years and 34th), Phenikaa University (4 years, and 41st), and the Vietnam Court Academy (7 years and 93rd). 
On the other hand, some older universities are now ranked lower, including the Hanoi Medical University (founded 77 years ago and ranked 29th), the HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy (75 and 49th), Hai Phong University (63 and 78th), and the Vietnam National University of Forestry (53 and 90th).
L?n d?u Vi?t Nam công b? b?ng x?p h?ng các tru?ng d?i h?c trong nu?c
The top four 2023 VNUR universities 
The six standards and seventeen ranking criteria  
VNUR 2023 analyzed all the information on the 237 Vietnamese higher education institutions, including three public reports, recruitment proposals, the 2022 rating and accreditation data published by the Ministry of Education and Training, QS, THE, QS Stars, UPM, Web of Science rankings over the past five years, details on science and technology research and inventions, published by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other relevant information from appropriate websites.
VNUR ranked participating universities based on 6 standards and 17 criteria, providing a highly reliable and comprehensive source of information for students, parents, businesses and the government alike, reflecting the basic operations of higher education institutions, such as training, research and community service.
Each of the top 100 reports was accompanied by a summary of outstanding achievements, classified publicly and privately  by province and city, by economic region and industry standards.
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