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DTU Scientists Among the Best in the World

On March 9th, the research.com website announced its ranking of the foremost scientists in the world, including thirteen from Vietnam, and three from DTU, namely Associate Professor Bui Quoc Tinh, in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; and Dr. Hoang Nhat Duc, in Computer Science. Also listed was Dr. Anand Nayyar from India, who also works in Computer Science at DTU. Their joint dedication contributes significantly to the improvement of education at DTU in general, the creation of innovative new research teams and continuing progress in international cooperation.
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Associate Professor Bui Quoc Tinh: Director of DTRICE, in Computational Mechanics
The research.com website ranked Associate Professor Tinh third in Vietnam and 410th internationally in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. He has  received several important awards for his research and, in 2018, he became the first Vietnamese to receive the Japan Association for Computational Mechanics (JACM) “Young Investigator Award”, honoring scientists under the age of forty who have already made outstanding research contributions.
Associate Professor Tinh graduated in 2009 with a PhD in Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology, in Austria, and then conducted years of post-doctoral research in France, Germany and Japan. He served as Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Technology in Japan, Visiting Professor at the Dalian University of Technology in China and Visiting Associate Professor at the Taiwan National University of Science & Technology, and currently is Director of the Duy Tan Research Institute for Computational Engineering (DTRICE).
Associate Professor Tinh focuses on researching and developing destructive mechanical models of materials and structures, developing algorithms for engineering problems, and applying AI to solid state mechanics, structural optimization and composite materials.
Meanwhile, he has authored or co-authored 250 papers in international ISI-indexed journals, with ten thousand citations, according to Google Scholar, and is annually on the list of the one hundred thousand most influential scientists in the world, according to American PLoS.
He is also an editorial board member of many major scientific journals in Computational Mechanics & Engineering, including Applied Mathematical Modeling (Elsevier); Computers & Structures (Elsevier); Thin-Walled Structures (Elsevier); Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements (Elsevier); the Journal of Vibration & Engineering Technologies (Springer); SN Applied Sciences (Springer); Scientific Reports (Nature); Science & Engineering of Composite Materials (De Gruyter); and the Vietnam Journal of Mechanics.
Dr Anand Nayyar: Director of the DTU IoT Lab
The research.com website ranked Dr Anand Nayyar second in Vietnam and 9,867th internationally in Computer Science. He has eighteen years of teaching and research experience, with 285 articles published at international conferences and journals, indexed by SCI/SCIE or Scopus, with high impact factors. Dr Anand Nayyar’s papers has received 8,600 citations, an H index of 49, an I index of 170 and has been ranked among the top 2% most-cited scientists over the past three years.
Dr. Nayyar is currently Vice-Chairman and Director of the Intelligent Systems & IoT Laboratory in the Faculty of Computer Science in the DTU School of Computer Science (SCS).
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Dr. Anand Nayyar has worked at DTU for many years
During his time at DTU, Dr. Nayyar has been ranked in the top 50 scientists in Asia, and received Perficio and InRes Young Researcher awards. He has also won DTU Outstanding Researcher awards over the last four years for his regular research publications.
Dr. Nayyar said: “Recently, we have seen Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Deep Learning dominating the world and making our lives smarter and more intelligent. A new revolution of various computer science disciplines is coming, as robotics is playing a more important part in our lives. With Chatbots, Drones, IoT and Industry 4.0, almost everything is becoming highly automated. As a result, Computer Science in Vietnam has already been significantly impacted, with more to come in the near future. IT has already affected all aspects of our lives and DTU has conducted many Computer Science research projects and educated many skilled engineers and researchers in the interim. Currently, Vietnam is focusing on IT and Computer Science startup projects and the DTU School of Computer Science (SCS) is adapting its Computer Science curricula to accelerate problem-solving expertise accordingly. I now envisage a bright, shining future for Computer Science in Vietnam.”
Dr. Hoang Nhat Duc: A young researcher in Data Science and Construction Mechanics
The website research.com ranked Dr. Hoang Nhat Duc of DTU third in Vietnam and 9,960th worldwide in Computer Science. Previously, he was the 35th Vietnamese on the list of the one hundred thousand most influential scientists, published by Elsevier in 2022, based on several criteria, with the highest number of incoming citations. He has also been ranked in the top one hundred thousand leading scientists in the world since 2021 and is currently working in the DTU Institute of Research & Development (IRD). He has also published 112 papers in journals such as the Measurement and Automation in Construction.
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Dr Duc works in the DTU Institute of Research & Development
His research focuses on:
- The application of data science in construction
- AI and machine learning applications
- The application of image processing techniques, computer vision, and optimization algorithms in  construction
Data Science involves the invention of important new applications in various sectors of the economy sector , leading to breakthroughs in labor efficiency and productivity. Dr. Duc’s research supports the following projects:
- The assessment of flash flood risk in Lao Cai
- The assessment of landslide risks in Lang Son
- The forecasting of soil erosion in mountainous northern Vietnam
“Computer Science is vital to enable breakthroughs in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution,” explains Dr. Duc. “It enables us to create software products employing AI, computer vision, image processing and machine learning to improve the quality of our lives.
“Ever since I started work at DTU, I’ve always tried to use my lecturing and research activities to educate my students to the highest levels. The dynamic and open working environment at DTU and the full support of the university leadership allow me to progress effectively and meet my schedules, which is very important to a young researcher, in both Computer Science and many other disciplines.”
Other Vietnamese scientists with leading research achievements, according to research.com, include:
Các nhà khoa h?c c?a tru?ng ÐH Duy Tân vào Top th? gi?i
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