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DTU Adds Four New Associate Professors in 2022, the Highest in any Vietnamese Private Universities

In 2022, 383 candidates were awarded State Council Professorships or Associate Professorships, with four of the latter going to DTU, the highest among private institutions, and the same number as the University of Danang, who were awarded three at the Danang University of Science & Technology and one at the University of Science & Education.
ÐH Duy Tân có thêm 4 Phó Giáo su nam 2022 - Nhi?u nh?t trong kh?i Ngoài công l?p
DTU Associate Professors Nguyen Huy Thuan (left) and Dinh Van Phuc
DTU Associate Professorships were awarded to: 
- Dr Dinh Van Phuc (1982), in Chemistry
- Dr Nguyen Huy Thuan (1980), in Biology
- Dr Dao Vinh Ai (1977), in Physics
- Dr Ho Van Tuyen (1987), in Physics
Including these 4 new Associate Professorships, DTU now has 8 Professors and 58 Associate Professors. The new appointees are all heavily engaged in important research projects with strong social impact.
Associate Professor Phuc is a chemist and is currently a lecturer and researcher at the DTU Institute of Fundamental & Applied Sciences (IFAS). He has published 37 papers, with 27 in international journals indexed by ISI or SCOPUS, and he focuses on a very practical project entitled: “Using pomelo peel to treat water contaminated with heavy metals”. He explains: “Water contaminated with heavy metals is found mainly in industrial parks and densely populated areas in big cities, which affects public health. The contaminants are colorless and odorless and hard to detect, and the price of installing and maintaining filtration equipment is high.” Associate Professor Phuc plans to use agricultural by-products to solve the problem with reasonable cost and ease of use.”
Associate Professor Thuan is a Biologist at the Center for Molecular Biology of the DTU College of Medicine and Pharmacy (CMP) and has published 21 papers in international journals indexed by ISI or SCOPUS. He specializes in:
- Biosynthesis and biotransformation of secondary compounds by enzymes and genetically recombinant microorganisms
- Fermentation and optimization of fermented products
- Extraction and screening of secondary compounds that are biologically active on plants and microorganisms
Meanwhile, he has won several prizes and Certificates of Merit:
- First prize for his report at the National Youth Science & Technology Conference for Medical & Pharmaceutical Universities & Colleges, held by the Ministry of Health at the Military Medical University in 2014
- A Certificate of Merit from the Youth Union Central Committee
ÐH Duy Tân có thêm 4 Phó Giáo su nam 2022 - Nhi?u nh?t trong kh?i Ngoài công l?p
Associate Professor Tuan (standing, top right) and others receive Certificates of Merit
Associate Professor Tuyen is a Physicist, awarded several Certificates of Merit by the Danang People’s Committee Chairman for his outstanding publications in prestigious research journals. He also received a Certificate of Merit from the DTU Provost for winning third prize in research in 2016-2017. He currently works at the DTU Institute of Research & Development (IRD) and has published 45 articles, with 30 in international journals indexed by ISI or SCOPUS, on his research in rare earths and related issues.
The new DTU’s new Associate Professors’ main responsibilities are:
- Leading Nafosted projects
- Instructing graduate students
- Conducting projects funded by international research funds
- Authoring books
“I’ve been working at the DTU Center for Molecular Biology for nearly 9 years so far,” explains Associate Professor Thuan, from the Center for Molecular Biology. “In practice, researchers at DTU are well-compensated and the university also invests heavily in research projects. In addition, DTU constantly encourages networking and cooperation with other universities at home and abroad, in order to create the ideal environment for research development  here, which motivates us to thrive, work on our careers with trust and, in return, give our full support to DTU, now and in the future.”
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