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Vietnamese Universities Rankings by Times Higher Education of 2023

Times Higher Education (THE) has just announced the 2023 rankings of 1,799 higher education institutions from around the globe, up from 1,662 in 2021. Six Vietnamese universities are now included, compared with five last year. 
Vietnamese universities were ranked as follows: 
1. Duy Tan University: # 401-500
2. Ton Duc Thang University: # 401-500
3. Vietnam National University, Hanoi: #1,001-1,200
4. Hanoi University of Science and Technology: #1,501+
5. Hue University: # 1,501+
6. Vietnam National University, HCMC:  # 1,501+
2 tru?ng d?i h?c c?a Vi?t Nam gi? v?ng v? trí Top 500 theo Times Higher Education (THE) nam 2023
DTU retains its ranking in 2023
Both DTU and Ton Duc Thang University remained in the 401-500 group and the National University in Hanoi maintained its 2022 position in the 1001-1200 range. However, the Hanoi University of Science & Technology and the National University in HCMC both dropped into the 1,501+ group. Hue University came into the 1,501+ range. The national rankings of Vietnamese universities remained almost unchanged from 2022, except that the National University in HCMC fell to sixth place and was replaced by Hue University.
The top 10 universities in the world were:
1. University of Oxford, UK
2. Harvard University, US
3. University of Cambridge, UK
4. Stanford University, US
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
6. California Institute of Technology, US
7. Princeton University, US
8. University of California, Berkeley, US
9. Yale University, US
10. Imperial College in London, UK
In Southeast Asia, the National University of Singapore placed 19th and the Nanyang Technological University 36th. Malaysia now has the most ranked universities, at 22, including the University of Malaysia in the top 400; Thailand has 18; Indonesia 18, Vietnam 6, the Philippines 4 and Brunei 1. 
Top 10 universities in Southeast Asia in 2023:
1. National University of Singapore: #19
2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: #36
3. Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei: #301-350
4. University of Malaysia: #351-400
5. Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines: #351-400
6. Duy Tan University, Vietnam: #401-500
7. Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam: #401-500
8. Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia: #401-500
9. University Utara Malaysia: #401-500
10. Universiti Putra Malaysia: #601-800
Times Higher Education is a U.K. magazine specializing in higher education and is well-known for its annual World University Rankings report and others. The criteria for THE 2023 are similar to those of the 2022, consisting of groups, as follows:
1. Teaching (learning environment), accounting for 30%
2. Research (volume, income and reputation), accounting for 30%
3. Scientific citations (research influence), accounting for 30%
4. International outlook (of staff, students and studies), accounting for 7.5%
5. Income (knowledge transfer), accounting for 2.5% 
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